What is the Baggy Method?

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The baggy method is very simply an overnight moisturizing treatment for dry hair. It involves using a plastic cap to seal in moisture while you sleep or during the course of the day. The ambient heat or the heat from your body causes condensation, which the hair absorbs slowly over a period of several hours without high heat. blue cap used for baggy method

The baggy method requires the use of moisture – distilled water, leave in conditioner, rosewater, etc. mixed with a natural oil. Other women prefer to use just a spritz of leave in conditioner and water only and swear that’s the best technique to use. It’s the same technique you may use when you do an overnight pre-poo with olive and/or coconut oil and don’t want to get your pillowcase oily.

Your hair will be super soft in the morning. If you’re suffering from dry hair, a “baggy” treatment will yield great results. It’s very easy to do!

  1. Spritz hair with water or a water/rosewater/aloe juice mixture. Hair should be lightly damp, not wet
  2. Add a small amount of leave in conditioner to the hair, concentrating on the ends
  3. Top that with a light coating of coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil or avocado oil – or a mixture of several
  4. Cover your hair with a plastic shower or conditioning cap or wrap your hair in Saran Wrap. Do not use a plastic grocery bag – they have many chemicals which are NOT good for the hair
  5. Secure the plastic cap with a sleep bonnet, headband or scarfclearshowercap
  6. Go to bed

Leave the baggy method treatment on overnight while you’re sleeping. The next morning, co-wash your hair, and style as you normally would.

All over the web, thousands of women have reported a noticeable reduction in dryness, split ends and hair loss by using the baggy method 1-2x per week. They’re thrilled that such a simple method of hair moisturization has allowed them to FINALLY retain length.

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