Stupid Things People Say to You About Your Natural Hair

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What is the downright stupidest thing has someone said to you about your natural hair?

We went out and asked that question in several natural hair groups and got some doozies. Feel free to share yours in the comments section below:

Sherry: I had someone come up to me and say ….is that your hair? Like for real don’t you see the hair growing from my scalp..weirdo!

Doris: When you gonna press it?

Tawanna: I had worn my Afro and this white guy was like is it all yours… I was like yes sir he said it looks so unreal.

Chelsea:  When I was in 5th grade someone told me that your natural hair on your head was your moms pubic hair from when you were born …. LOL imagine going home and asking your parents if that was true !

Jessi:  I’ve had people who do my hair say “dang its thick ” like its a bad thing and then turn right around and say “but you have a good grade of hair though child” which always sounds crazy to me like are you saying I have good and bad hair? (Whatever good and bad hair are)stupid people please stop asking dumb questions about natural hair

Sheryll:  a friend told me she cant go natural because her head itches to bad when she need a touch up

Allison:  Black girls cant have natural blonde hair.. that gets very old.

Deborrah:  I have a cousin whose mom is half white and her daddy is blonde. She has naturally blonde hair. People always think that she dyed it but nope, she was born that way and I guess will die that way. Everytime I see her it looks so odd. She runs up to me saying COUSIN! And I am like do I know you? LOL!

Reshanda: Right after I cut my dreads I had someone tell me they never saw my natural hair. I gave up trying to explain to them that WAS my natural hair, but I guess since it was long they just assumed I wore extensions for all those yrs, lol

Antoinette:  Your hair really is nappy! !! News flash: I wear it this way on purpose. I wonder what make ppl think you want their unsolicited opinion.

Autumn:  A white girl asked “how’d u get you hair like that…” and it was n a fro..smh

Toy: I had a white lady tell me my hair looked like her dogs hair. Well Im not sure what type of dog it was but it had hair that looked like mop hair.  Oh and I did tell her so did she moreso than mine

Yemi:  Yesterday, someone asked, how do u put braids in your hair, “is that your pretend hair”?

Tia:  How do you comb it?

Dot: While I was on YouTube, a white girl comment, in form of a question, “how come your hair looks like my pubs?” I answered, “how come your pubs looks like my hair!”

Danak: I wore my hair in a high puff (which is one my fav styles) This lady asked me if that was how I was going to wear it for an interview I had the next day. I said yes. She suggested that I wear a wig to make me look more presentable and increase my chances of landing the job.

Rachel: An old lady once asked me if I ever wished my hair was soft and silky like hers. Another person asked me if wearing it natural gives me a bigger chance of getting lice. And another person asked me if black people can use shampoo like white people. I get lots of stupid questions

Saleeta: A woman at church asked me was I wearing a wig…because she said it was too thick to be real

Zaina:  A cashier asked “is that a jheri curl….” I was wearing a wash n go look. SMH

Tamarae:  wowwwww ppl are sooo damn ignorant. Someone also asked me if i was wearing a wig SMH

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  1. Because my skin color does not suggest I should have the texture of my hair, I am always asked if I am wearing a wig or what country am I from…makes me want to smack ’em!

  2. Because my skin color does not suggest I should have the texture of my hair, I am always asked if I am wearing a wig or what country am I from…makes me want to smack ’em!

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