Soap Nut “Shampoo” Perfect Cleanser for Dry Natural Hair

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I’ve been using soap nut “shampoo” to cleanse my hair for over a year now, and love it. I’ve given away all my commercial shampoos, and don’t see myself ever using any again. Thought I would share some pictures from my wash today to show you how your natural oils remain in your hair, allowing your curls to “pop”, hair to easily finger detangle, leaving behind softness and very little hair loss.

2014-01-27 11.58.30

After rinsing – no products

2014-01-27 11.56.11

With liquid in hair

2014-01-27 11.57.44

Dirty hair with soapnut liquid
















If you haven’t tried making soap nut “shampoo” for yourself, check this post Making and Using Soap Nuts Shampoo. Feel free to post your curl pattern on this thread, uploading your image below.

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