Silky Soft Hair with Herbal Hair Butter Smoothie


Herbal Hair Butter Smoothie – Whipped Goodness for Natural Hair!

Herbal hair butter smoothie

Many natural hair wearers complain that butters leave their hair crunchy and dry, yet feeling heavy and greasy.Our herbal hair butter smoothie was developed to solve that problem for women with Type 3B, 3C, 4A, 4B and 4C hair.

Herbal Hair Butter Smoothie utilizes a combination of natural herbs, moisturizing agents, penetrating oils that support moisture retention and elasticity in the hair shaft, and essential oils that have been used for generations to promote scalp health and hair growth. Dry, splitting ends will be a thing of the past as the herbal smoothie goes to work smoothing, softening, and protecting your hair from dryness. In just a few weeks of use you’ll see less breakage which translates into length retention and longer hair.



Instructions for Use

Wash hair, add leave-in conditioner. Depending upon thickness of your hair, part it into 6-10 sections. Take a small amount of herbal hair butter and rub hands together to liquefy product. Product will be slightly oily at first, but upon application to skin or hair will readily absorb. For best results, apply to one section of hair at a time.

Detangle hair with large toothed comb or fingers. Distribute hair butter though one section in layers so that hair is lightly covered on all sides, concentrating on the ends. Then twist, braid, roller set or bantu knot.

You may need to dampen ends of hair and add an extra dab of hair butter if ends are feeling especially dry. Avoid being heavy-handed with this rich herbal product, as a little goes a very long way! No additional oil is needed.

Product is best used on freshly washed or damp (spritzed) hair as a sealant to retain moisture and prevent breakage in natural hair, especially on ends.  Though some people have reported great results, this product is not designed to protect hair from damage done by heated styling utensils (hot combs, blow dryers and flat irons) – please keep that in mind before ordering.

This is a hand-made product, so be patient as we process your order. Since Herbal Hair Butter Smoothie is made-to-order and contains only natural vegetable-based preservatives, we don’t keep a stock sitting around.

We suggest you remove the amount you will use with a clean spoon within a day or two, allowing it to warm to room temperature before use. Keep the remainder of the product refrigerated for maximum freshness. Perfect for skin or hair. Use within 4-6 weeks.

Ingredient List

Shea butter, mango butter, oil blend (grape seed, coconut, rice bran, olive, Argan and Jojoba oils), aloe vera, herbal extracts, Vitamin E oil, purified water, lemon grass, Ylang-Ylang and lavender essential oils, and emulsifiers.

Size: 4 oz jars

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