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Qpuffband in red

The QPuff Band – Click to visit vendor site

Just this week I posted results of a research survey which outlined the dangers for black women of lace front wigs, tight braids, rubber bands and hair weaves – all styles which pull on the scalp and hair root. The researchers concluded that black women’s style choices could contribute to a type of baldness known as Central Centrifugal Cicatricial Alopecia (CCCA), a little understood scalp disorder that caused permanent hair loss in black women.

However, even risk of baldness won’t stop black women from wanting a sleek, sophisticated pulled back look for romantic dates or formal occasions. The need for balance is important though… what would provide the ability to create a sleek look without doing serious harm to delicate natural hair?

I found the answer, something called The QPuffBand.

Product Description:

The QPuffBand is a long, soft, stretchable piece of fabric about 7-1/2” wide used for styling and holding natural black hair in place. With this band naturalists can create many different off the face hairstyles without risk of snapping their hair off mid-strand.

The site owner and developer of the band, Quisha Brown, describes the QPuffBand as “… a headband for thick natural hair. Soft, stretchy, durable, machine, washable, and a comfortable fit. Holds your hair back neat and snug. Does not break off hair like rubber bands and other rubber made materials. Great for natural thick hair.

It is great for all types of hair, but really works wonders for natural black hair. This headband is also very versatile, whether you’re heading to the office, an elegant evening out or even just a quick workout at the gym. Your QPuffBand comes in handy no matter what the occasion. Rubber bands break very easily and they also tear out a little of your hair every time you put them on and take them off. Say goodbye to rubber bands and headbands that break, pull your hair and give you headaches.”

Twist out style wrapped with the QPuffBand in black

Suggested Usage

Using the QPuffBand in the manner instructed, black women can avoid risk of CCCA or traction alopecia from pulling their hair back so tightly they damage or weaken the root, resulting in bald spots and thinning edges.

How I Discovered This Product

Looking around on the web, I ran across the attached video on You Tube. Noticing the low number of views I realized that this was NOT a popular product. After watching the video, the QPuff Band seemed to be the perfect solution for styles I wanted to create without rubber bands or bobby pins, both of which have a high propensity for damaging delicate African American hair. The price wasn’t prohibitively expensive so I took a chance and ordered three – two in black for my daughter and myself, and one in red. The shipment arrived promptly in the U.S. mail.

My Thoughts and Experience

Wearing your natural hair in protective or low manipulation hairstyles is the solution for thousands of Naturalistas. In case you aren’t familiar with the terminology, protective styles are considered to be any hairstyle where the ends of your hair are tucked in, braided in, or weaved in so that they aren’t exposed to the elements. An example is a Mohawk braided style, Bantu Knots,  or a braided bun.

Low manipulation styles may display length, but the style is one that your hair stays in for a week or more after original styling. In other words, you don’t handle your hair again for 7-14 days thereby reducing pulling on the hair, and breaking it off with combs, brushes or styling tools. Examples are two strand twists or braids that hang down.Back fiew of twist out puff using QPuffBand

What I like about the QPuffBand is that it provides the opportunity to be creative without risking severe damage to the hair. I’m not the most creative when it comes to hair because I never really learned how to do all that. I was fortunate enough to always have had a friend with a lot of sisters, or someone in my family, or a coworker that loved hair around to do it.

Yup, my entire life. So don’t look for me to be the provider of hair styles anytime soon.

But what I love about this band is its simplicity. I can create a cute low-manipulation puff hairstyle in 60 seconds, pop on some earrings and I’m good to go. I’ve also used it with twists pulling them high up on my head temporarily securing with a large hairpin, and then using two QPuffBand to give a wrapped look with my twists exploding out of the top. Didn’t take a picture of it but I’ll try to remember when I do that style again.

Manufacturer’s Warnings/Contraindications

Tighten the band only enough to give a secure hold. There should always be a bit of “give” to the band to avoid tension at the hair root.

Twist Out Hairstyle pulled up with a QPUFFBAND

Purchase Options

Available only online at The bands are available in two lengths (28-1/2” and 40”). I would have given this product four stars except for the fact that it is so limited in color choices – available only in four colors (red, black, ivory and turquoise).

It would be preferable for them to offer seasonal shades for spring/summer and fall/winter, or at least colors that compliment black women’s skin tones – rich golden yellow, deep vibrant orange, romantic rust, smooth chocolate brown, forest foliage green, etc. If that were the case, I’d have at least one in every color!

The product sells for an affordable $6.50 per band, with the extended length option available at $3.00 more. Budget for additional shipping and handling.

Bottom Line

Though there are those that proclaim natural hair to be very versatile, the fact remains that over handling delicate Type 3 and Type 4 African American hair can lead to severe breakage. If your hair keeps breaking off or falling out from the scalp, it will appear thinner and as if it isn’t growing at all. At least one QPuff Band should be in the hair kit of every Naturalista.

YourNaturalHair.Com Final Rating:  we rate the QpuffBand three stars out of four

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  1. sewlover says:

    I really need something to make my hair stay moisturized and silky looking.

  2. folamix says:

    Am considering ordering the 40″ length.

  3. Just ordered 3 (one for me and my 2 daughters) thanks for your review. Oh and they are on sale for $5.

  4. Just ordered 3 (one for me and my 2 daughters) thanks for your review. Oh and they are on sale for $5.

  5. Just ordered 3 (one for me and my 2 daughters) thanks for your review. Oh and they are on sale for $5.

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