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 Shee Be Kurlie Creme samples

Product Name:

SHEE Be Kurlie Creme


Sold online


Not sure what sizes are offered but I saw a short tube and a jar available. I received a 2 ounce sample.

Retail Purchase Price:

$14.00 plus shipping

pH Rating:

Shee Be Kurlie Creme samples - review

Straight from the container pH = 6.0

Key Ingredients:

  1. Shea butter
  2. Grape seed oil
  3. Olive oil

Full List of Ingredients:

Shea butter, grape seed oil, olive oil, castor oil, lemon water, lemongrass extract, vegetable glycerine and flax seed gel

Product Description:

Review of Shee Be Kurlie All in one Creme

Developer’s page on Facebook states: “This page was created to spread the news, about a new hair product that I have developed for curly, kinky, afro and chemically processed hair. This product is the only product you will need! This product is a deep conditioner, co wash, detangles, conditioner leave in,moisturizer and heat protector. As a deep conditioner you apply product to dry hair in small sections from root to tips, and allow product to sit for 45 mins, co wash using finger tips to gently remove buildup from your scalp, condition by applying a small amount of the product to damp hair to detangle, moisturize by smoothing a generous amount on hair from root to tip, flat iron, and a small amount of product to damp hair blow dry than straighten! You follow these simple tips and you will be amazed by the final results!”

Suggested Usage:

Three  different ways to use SHEE Be Kurlie Creme are provided on the manufacturers website.

  1. As a deep conditioner:  Apply creme to dry hair from root to ends. Let sit for 45-60 minutes then shampoo.
  2. As a co-wash: Use pads of fingers to gently massage creme into scalp and hair. Rinse out under warm water.
  3. As a leave-in conditioner: Part hair into 4-6 sections. Add a small amount of creme to each section to detangle it, then moisturize your hair. After hair is tangle free, allow hair to air dry until dam. Then apply a generous amount of creme to hair from root to ends. Shake and go or style as usual.

Manufacturer’s Warnings/Contraindications:


For external use only. Keep out of eyes. Flush well with water and stop using immediately if irritation occurs.

How I Discovered This Product:

Saw a post on a natural hair care group on Facebook announcing the launch of a new hair product line called SHEE Be Kurlie. Intrigued by the “you only need one product” tagline, I contacted the poster to request a sample to try.

My SHEE Be Kurlie Experience:

I used my typical routine so that all things would be the same from product test to product test. So I began last night with my usual coconut oil overnight pre-poo that sat on my  hair for most of the day as well. Then I put on my coconut creme and Bentonite clay wash made with apple cider vinegar, aloe vera juice, nettle infusion  and rosewater. It sat on my head for about an hour and was then rinsed out with very warm water. I put an old tshirt on my hair and played poker on my computer for about 15 minutes to allow it to absorb the water. Then we began.

No additional products were used on my hair before adding Shee Be Kurlie. I figured if it is really an All in One product, I wouldn’t need anything else.

So after quickly reviewing the instructions, I sectioned off my hair into about 9 sections (they say 4-6 but…), then applied a good amount of the SHEE Be Kurlie Creme. I used my large detangling comb to comb through my hair and it was a breeze! It’s normally easy to comb through after a bentonite clay no poo cleanse, but there are usually at least a FEW tangles and some reasonable hair loss.


The itsy bitsy amount of hair I lost in the comb is shown in a photo below. It was crazy how tangle free my hair was. The comb just glided through from root to end. I applied the same reasonably generous amount to each section and twisted it up. The whole process took 15 minutes tops.

After I used the entire container I noticed that I was supposed to use only a little bit during the detangling phase and wait until my hair was just damp before applying the rest of the SHEE Be Kurlie Creme to my hair. Oops!

Bottom Line:

I really like this stuff a lot. The part of my hair closest to the scalp is already drying and feels silky soft to the touch. It’s slightly oily but not greasy and not really enough oil to bother about. It’s light in texture, more like a lotion than a cream really, and it smells light which I liked. Some products have such a heavy scent I have to turn on the bathroom fan so I can keep breathing; thankfully this wasn’t one of them.

SHEE Be Kurlie Final Rating: We give this product four stars for excellence

This young lady has created a killer natural hair product. I think she’ll do very well as more people find out about SHEE Be Kurlie Creme.  The one product thing is a real attention grabber for those of us that hate having a cabinet full of 999 million things for each step of the hair care process. However, those of you that are product junkies will probably add this to your collection and keep shopping because… well, that’s what you do!

Anyway, I’ll update the post when I take my twists down tomorrow to determine how SHEE Be Kurlie Creme performed once my hair is dry.

Next Day Update!

Okay, so my hair is dry. First thing I noticed different than what I usually see is that my hair is nice and smooth, shiny AND BIG! Each twist looks fatter than it usually does. Nice! Though I have a good amount of hair, it is very fine in texture and I am constantly wrestling with the pH of products seeking a balance between fullness and smoothness to the touch. My hair felt slightly crunchy when I squeezed the twist, but that concern was alleviated once I took the twist down and smoothed my hair. No crunchiness at all but there is fullness and body. The twists are well formed and stick out which is something hard for me to achieve because my hair is very soft. I would imagine that initial crunchiness I felt was due to the flax seed gel in the product drying.

Though not required, I can see where it would be beneficial to do as instructed and put a moisturizer on before applying SHEE be Kurlie as a leave-in conditioner, at least at the ends. My result also may have also been slightly different if I had used a minimal amount to detangle, applying more (as suggested) right before styling.

All in all, I think SHEE Be Kurlie Creme is a smart addition to have in a #teamnatural hair care kit.  Businesswomen that travel frequently for work, as well as pleasure vacationers would find this all-in-one product to be the ultimate convenience.

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