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audra chanellProduct Review by Audra Chanell

PRODUCT REVIEWED: Miss Jessie’s Super Sweet Back Treatment

Product Retail Price: $9.00

PRODUCT: OBNOXIOUS Bubble Gum Smell … yech!! Pink, thick, creamy

CONTROL: Used after shampooing with BoBeam’s Cocoa Olive Oil Shampoo Bar

TIME SPENT: 30 minutes under dryer with a gold foil cap

SUBJECT: 3c, Normal Porosity, Medium Density, Transitioning Hair, 4.5” of natural hair, remaining texturized hair hangs 2” below shoulder

OVERALL GRADE: C; smells horrid, too costly, but does provide moisture and slip


1. Used ½ of the recommended golf-ball size because that would be the entire container
2. Applied to clean, wet hair, used half to saturate ends then other half over length, lightly finger combed
3. Put on gold foil heat cap and went under dryer for 30 minutes
4. Rinsed for 20 seconds, then detangled under running shower stream as I rinsed all of the product from my hair; tee shirt dried; blow-dried


So many CONS… where do I start? **Tilts head to think**

I placed a sizable order with Curl Mart, and Miss Jessie’s Super Sweet Back Treatment was among the bunch. It was also the first I pulled from the packing peanuts and I was shocked and upset! I looked as if someone stole my lunch money! ? By Jesus it was the size of a golf ball and the purchase price was $9. The pricing is ridiculous and for that reason alone I will not re-purchase unless it is severely discounted.

Second, this conditioner has the most obnoxious bubble gum scent ever! I’m telling you it smells like some audra-picsort of mutated, evil elixir from The Wonka Factory. I spent days thinking of how I could mask the scent, but felt I should use it full-strength the first go ‘round.

I applied it to my wet hair after shampooing, applying half of the amount to the ends and the remained to the length and scalp. I then finger combed my hair, put on a gold foil cap, and went under the standing hair dryer for 30 minutes. The directions only call for 30 minutes, but I decided to also use heat.

After the 30 minutes I rinsed the conditioner in could feel some slip. This was notable because the shampoo bar I used left my hair rather stripped feeling. It also felt moisturized and detangled easily, but no more than my usual deep conditioner. I then detangled under thee running shower stream while rinsing the rest of the product.

PROS: I blow dried my hair without adding any additional oils or creams and my six flat twists looked great, but I did, however, add a bit of grape seed oil and a pinch of Salerm 21 for good measure.


All in all if this product were half the price and had a much lighter and better choice of fragrance I would repurchase. If the product remains the same, however, I’ll have to catch it on the clearance rack or throw up the deuces!

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