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I love posting the Product Junkie Confessions and wish we had more people willing to share their inner junky desires with the world! I came across Salena in a Facebook natural hair group, and found myself laughing as she shared bits and pieces of her product addiction with the other posters… most of whom quickly co-signed and identified with her problem. Salena is happy go luckly Mom of a four-year-old girl who thought sharing her story with you would be a hoot!


YNH: How long have you been natural? What made you decide to switch over?

It will be four years the first week of February 2014.  I decided to switch over on the spur of the moment. I was about to give myself a relaxer touch-up and my 4 year old daughter came into my bathroom and asked me to “perm her hair so it could be straight, long, and pretty” like mine ans so she could be “pretty” like me. I told her that she didn’t need a perm or to have straight hair to be pretty, Then, I realized that I was showing her something totally different than what I was telling her and cut my hair down to the new growth right then and there. I haven’t looked back since.

YNH: How do you define yourself as a “product junkie?” What does that mean to you?Salena's product stash

To me, a product junkie is someone who buys products just because they see them or because someone suggested a new product and they have to try it.  I honestly never thought of myself as a “product junkie,” but then, my husband pointed out that I had over taken the bathroom cabinet with all the “products” I had started buying for my and my daughters’ hair.

YNH: Were you a “product junkie?” before you went natural or is this a new habit you developed with the change in hairstyle? What is the most you’ve ever spent in a month on feeding your “product junkie” habit?

This just developed. While I was relaxed my products consisted of VO5 shampoo and conditioner, oil sheen, a comb, and a brush. And, of course, my blow dryer and flat iron.

YNH: What is it about a new product or having lots of products to choose from that find so rewarding? What is it about purchasing or trying products that excites you?

I am the type of person who gets tired of one thing really quickly. I love change. Having a different product to go to each week, helps feed my need for change. I like to see what each product will do for my hair.

YNH: Does your mate or anyone in your family take issue with your “product junkie” habit? What do they do or say?

My husband totally takes issue with it. What do they do or say? As I stated earlier, he is upset because I am taking over the cabinet in the bathroom and says that I need to be on a strict budget for my hair supplies.

YNH: What do you do and how do you feel when you get a new product and it disappoints?

I normally mix the disappointing product with one that I know works so that I won’t waste it, but I feel like I was duped by the company.

YNH: Do you think that your inner “product junkie” is indicative of an addiction to new hair products?

I don’t think so. I hope not!

YNH: When you look at your stash of products, do you get a rush or do you feel ashamed? If there were a 12 step program would you enroll? (smile) Why or why not?

I feel ashamed now that I see how much I really have. If there were a 12 step program I would enroll…if it turns out that I have a problem. 😉 (smile) Why or why not? I don’t want to continue spending money and upsetting my husband.

YNH: What do you enjoy most about your natural hair?

I love the look and the versatility!


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