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I love posting the Product Junkie Confessions and wish we had more people willing to share their inner junky desires with the world! I came across Shonna in a Facebook natural hair group and was blown away by the pictures she posted of her stash. Shonna is a 44 year old married Mom who graciously agreed to share the story of her natural hair journey with us.


YNH: How long have you been natural? What made you decide to switch over?Shonna Macklin Product Junky Confession

Well, when I started it wasn’t to be natural. Even though the natural community has been here, I never once thought about going natural. In 2010, my hair was thinning and I couldn’t figure out why. It was shedding a lot. To me it was more than normal. So in December 2010, I decided to see how long I could go without a perm (transitioned til July 2011). It wasn’t until February or March 2011 that I came across YouTube videos about going natural. July 2011, I couldn’t take the straight ends anymore (big chopped). So I have been 2 years natural.

YNH: How do you define yourself as a “product junkie?” What does that mean to you?

I’m a “curious product junkie”. I’m curious about a product because when I see someone on videos try a product and I think they may have the same hair texture as me and it works for them, I want to try it to see if it could possibly work for me.

YNH: Were you a “product junkie?” before you went natural or is this a new habit you developed with the change in hairstyle? What is the most you’ve ever spent in a month on feeding your “product junkie” habit?

When I was permed, I was a mild product junkie that was under control. Since being natural, I am an extreme product junkie. I can control it sometimes until I see a sale on a product I want to try. I spend between $40 to $50. I really wanted to try it.

YNH: What is it about a new product or having lots of products to choose from that find so rewarding? What is it about purchasing or trying products that excites you?

That I have sooo many to choose from!!! The excitement is hoping that it works on my hair.

YNH: Does your mate or anyone in your family take issue with your “product junkie” habit? What do they do or say?pic20130717125348

My husband has never commented on my habit. He just shakes his head. Now my daughters on the other hand tell me I need to just stop. I just roll my eyes at them because when they need a product where do they come to get it????? Ummmm, from me of course!

YNH: What do you do and how do you feel when you get a new product and it disappoints?

If it doesn’t work, I don’t give up on it. I will at least give it two more tries to see if it will work with any of my other products before I toss it or give it away.

YNH: Do you think that your inner “product junkie” is indicative of an addiction to new hair products?

WHAT!!??!! No wayyyyyy (nodding yes)

YNH: When you look at your stash of products, do you get a rush or do you feel ashamed? If there were a 12 step program would you enroll? (smile) Why or why not?

Neither. I would try a 12 step program just to see if it would work. I doubt it but I would try it.

YNH: What do you enjoy most about your natural hair?

The versatility of how I can change my hair to however I want it.

YNH: Any words of wisdom for our readers that might make their natural hair journey a bit easier?

Being natural is hard work. But if you listen to what your hair needs it will give you all the growth and strength you will ever need. You just have to have patience. Good things do come to those who wait. And I’m glad I’m part of the Natural Community.



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