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Today’s Product Junkie Confession comes from Jacqui Taylor, a 35 year old mom who admits to having a product junky habit so bad she even hides products from herself!

Here is Jacqui’s story:

My natural hair journey started 12 years before it was popular. I became natural while pregnant with my youngest son because I was too lazy to be bothered with doing my hair.

I think I’m a product junkie because I’ve hidden new care products from my mate. I’ve also hidden stuff in my bedroom behind my bed, in my son’s bathroom, in old purses. I’ve hidden stuff so good that I’ve even hidden it from myself. I know I need an intervention, but I can’t help myself. Every time a new product comes out I want to try it. It’s like I am looking for that one magical product!

Although I’ve been natural for 12 years, this product junkie crazy just started recently. I can’t wait for it to be over, because it’s costly.

So then we asked “what is the most you’ve ever spent in a month on feeding your product junkie” habit Jacqui?

I’ve spent about $120

I enjoy having lots of products, because I enjoy the different smells and texture of each product. It’s almost like having new shoes…they are supposed to serve the same purpose but each has a different feel.

My boyfriend is fussing now ( insert eye roll here). He’s saying he’s tired of me spending money on (curses) CRAP,  and it being all over the bathroom blah blah blah (I’m tuning him out!)

I’m trying hard not to buy anything else. And to answer your question, yes, I would enroll in a 12 step program because I need help. This habit is expensive!

Do you have an interesting POV on hair, products, men, family whatever?IMAG3064

Yes, men will never understand our love for hair care products, just like we will never understand their love for gadgets.

What about an interesting hobby or interest to share with our readers?

My hair of course! And thrift store shopping. I also love skating, reading and laughing.



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