Product Junkie – by Chance or Choice?

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products are you a product junkieJust had a conversation with a good friend yesterday who just went natural about how not to turn into a product junkie. When you finally decide to big chop it can be liberating and frustrating at the same time. What most people do and I must admit that I did it myself ….Here are a list of steps to prevent you from overloading on “Natural Hair” products.

1. LOVE YOURSELF, LOVE YOUR HAIR…….a lot of natural are obsessed with making their curl pattern look like someone else’s…..But we have to remember that God created each of us differently down to the very strands of our hair….so no matter what texture or curl patter you hair is learn to love it because it’s yours.

2. PLAY WITH YOUR HAIR…….figure out what your hair tendencies are….how does your hair react when it’s wet? How does it react when it’s dry? What is the right level of moisture for your hair to retain its natural curl pattern?

3. CONNECT WITH A NATURAL HAIR COMMUNITY………..There are tons of natural hair web communities out there now a days where you can post questions on message boards about products, prices, and results. So if you’re questioning the validity of a “Natural Hair” product just throw out a message on a discussion board.

4.WHEN TALKING TO FRIENDS ABOUT PRODUCTS TAKE INTO ACCOUNT THERE HAIR TYPE…….If your friend has a very loose curly texture and uses moose and you have a tight coily texture don’t assume that what works for her hair is going to work for yours in the same way. Try to find a friend who’s curl pattern and texture are similar to yours. natural and ethnic hair care products on display

5. RECOGNIZE THAT YOUR HAIR IS THIRSTY FOR MOISTURE NOT PRODUCT!!!!!……..This tip is key to keeping your hair looking lovely and keeping your pockets a lil fatter 😛 . Most of the time if your hair is lacking luster and seemingly impossible to deal with it’s because it dying for some WATER!! That’s right plain ole’ H2O! Not more product. The true purpose of the product should be to seal the water’s moisture into your hair and add a lil moisture to that. But without water your wasting your hair’s time and your money. If 4 days have gone buy let alone a week, and your hair has not been exposed to water…..ten times out of ten its yearning for it.

6. DO YOUR RESEARCH ……and check the ingredients in products before you buy them. That way you know exactly what you are putting in your hair and what ingredients give your hair the best results. You’ll also know what ingredients you want to run from especially with these so called “Natural Hair Products”. Yeah the labeling looks really cute and the packaging is awesome but what’s really in it? Know before you buy!!!!!

7. SERIOUSLY INVESTIGATE A PRODUCT BEFORE YOU BUY IT!!!!!!…..For me a product has to be recommended by Michele and Barack Obama before I buy it !!! LOL!! My money is precious and after cleaning out a cluttered bathroom cabinet full of products that I only used one time was a wake-up call. Products ranging from 5 to 30 bucks ….I could have bought a new pair of heels with that money!! 😛 Don’t look for every new fad “Natural Hair Product” to be a hit on your hair just because its popular and there advertisements are the bomb.

So now you have a choice….To Be or NOT TO BE ……A PRODUCT JUNKIE! LOL! So go forth and make sure your bathroom cabinet doesn’t end up looking like a hair aisle in Sally’s !


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of The Curly Diva

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