Pre-Poo With Neem Oil, Coconut Oil and Honeyquat Humectant

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Today we used a fabulous pre-poo concoction on my daughter’s dry hair and itchy scalp that I want to tell you about.

This girl… I have all kinds of hair moisturizers, spritzes I make every 3 days, oils and butters. Do you think she puts any of them on her hair? NOOOOO. So when she took her hair down today, it was dry as all outdoors.IMAG0493

After some negotiation, I convinced her to try a pre-poo blend I mixed up specially for her to stop itching, prevent hair shedding, provide deep moisture, stop breakage, and spur growth. Yeah, its a bit stinky from the Neem oil, but I am a true believer in this stuff and feel the benefits to your hair and scalp are worth dealing with the smell for a few hours.

This is what I did for her pre-poo…

Mixed together in a plastic storage container:

1/2 cup virgin organic coconut oil
3 tablespoons organic Neem oil
1 tablespoon Honeyquat (moisturizing agent)

Studies have been run which that prove Honeyquat 50 PF (paraben free) will not only repair damage to the hair’s surface but it will penetrate the hair, helping to build up the moisture content which results in soft, silky feeling hair without any heaviness. Moisture uptake studies show that Honeyquat 50 has twice the moisturizing ability of glycerin. Its  low molecular weight enables Honeyquat 50 to penetrate the hair which provides wonderful moisturizing benefits over a longer period of time than if you used glycerin. Plus, glycerin leaves many women with sticky hair – Honeyquat rinses out cleanly. In addition to all its other great qualities, studies also demonstrate the ability of Honeyquat 50 to repair split ends. IMAG0494

I had my daughter apply the pre-poo mixture to her scalp and hair (dry), then put on a conditioning cap which we left on for 3 hours. She then washed her hair as usual. The amount of shedding was minimal and her hair was a lot softer before we even added the leave-ins and sealants.

After shampooing, I had her apply SiameseTwists Melonberry Hair Refresher Creme, then Simply Organic Castor oil (lavender) to seal. [If you want to try their castor oil, you can use our website discount code YNH2013 to get 20% off.]

My daughter proceeded to detangle her hair as usual with a wide tooth comb and Denman brush; she put in mini-twists this week. She reports that the comb-out was super easy because of the honeyquat, and her hair feels soft, full, moisturized and well conditioned. Though her hair has been up in twists for almost three weeks, the amount of hair lost was half what it would normally be. This stuff gave her great results!

Damn I’m good!

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  1. Brit Brat says:

    Must try this thanks for sharing. Her hair is beautiful

  2. where do you purchase the honeyquat?

    • Deborrah says:

      I order it online from Lotioncrafter. As you go through the site you will see that I recommend using it moreso than glycerin, which gets sticky and is too thick for my taste. I love love love Honeyquat. Be sure to get Honeyquat 50 PF which is Paraben Free.

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