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Nia is the almost 7 year old daughter of entertainment and cultural blogger Lorrie Irby Jackson. Check out her blog Mother of Color for some scintillating information on the recording industry, politics and black culture.

Lorrie was a bit skeptical about the claims people were making about the wonderfulness of our Herbal Hair Butter Smoothie, but decided to  put the product to the REALEST TEST IMAGINABLE by using it on her daughter’s super thick natural hair.

Step 1: Lorrie washed Nia’s hair  in the clarifying shampoo she normally uses once per month. She wanted to make sure there were no other products on Nia’s hair that would interfere with the experiment.

Step 2: Lorrie used some of our Co-Grow Herbal oil all over Nia’s head, to begin the sealing process and provide the first level of nourishment to Nia’s hair and scalp.

Step 3: After that Lorrie parted Nia’s hair and applied Herbal Hair Butter on her scalp and that one section of hair. Using a comb attachment, Lorrie blow dried the section lightly, then added a bit more butter to each section as she twisted Nia’s hair.

Step 4: Process was repeated until Nia’s entire head was done.

The Verdict!

“No other oil and no other product was used but the Co-Grow and the Herbal Hair Butter Smoothie. I loved the texture – it wasn’t gooey or nasty feeling. Best of all Nia didn’t complain about her scalp itching like she normally does. The fragrance was pleasant, a nice woodsy fragrance. I only needed a dime sized amount on each twist. That means it doesn’t take a lot of product to get the job done so the butter is very cost effective. The next day when Nia woke up I could see that the product had held the style well – there was no unraveling, no huge amount of shrinkage, and her hair was soft without being greasy. Nia loved how soft her hair was and proceeded to play with her hair in the mirror for 10 minutes. Even Dad remarked on how soft her hair was.

Lorrie and Nia have agreed to use the Herbal Hair Butter exclusively for one month exclusively to see how it acts on their hair texture over time.  This was a great experiment because we hadn’t tested it with heat before.

Thank you little Nia for being such a trooper and a natural hair diva!































Nia 3






























Happy Nia with hair done

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