Moisturize Your Hair Using the L.O.C.S. Method

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I’m sure you’ve heard of the L.O.C. Method, which advises that you put on your hair the following things

  • Liquid based productconditioner blob
  • Oil based product
  • Cream based product

I’ve used different versions of the LOC method since I was a child – I just didn’t know that was what it was called.

When I was young my aunt used to love to do my hair because it was long and thick. She would use an old bottle with a drop type spout and in that she would put ordinary tap water. Then she would have a container of lotion – Jergens was the family favorite at that time, but sometimes it would just be a store brand.

Next to that was a jar of whatever hair grease was handy. Sometimes it was something called Blue Magic, other times it was Bronner Brothers hair food or Palmers, TCB or Ultra Sheen. Remember those? She would put some water on my hair, comb it through, add the lotion, comb that through, and top it with the hair grease. My 16 year old aunt was using the L.O.C. method before it even had a name!

So the L.O.C. method has been used on my hair as long as I can remember, I just STOPPED using it for some reason when I got older and started getting my hair relaxed.

Oh well, live and learn.

Anyway, since I returned to my natural roots in the 1990s, I’ve fiddled around with a variety of product lines, finally settling on Carol’s Daughter which I used consistently for a number of years. My daughter’s long, thick hair was attributed to use of Carol’s Healthy Hair Butter, Khoret Amen hair oil, Khoret Amen deep conditioner, and their Hair Milk. However, they stopped making the stuff I liked when she got investors and went big so I was once again on the search for a new product.using the LOC method of hair moisturization

About five years ago the popularity of natural hair created a slew of new natural hair product manufacturers.  Most of these companies are small and have no store front – they operate strictly on the web. But their products are great and I have no problem heartily endorsing the ones I’ve used myself and really like… products that have a proven ability to moisturize your hair.

Natural women complain more about dryness than ANY OTHER HAIR PROBLEM. Though the Bay Area has a reasonably temperate climate, I too noticed intermittent breakage and dryness in my hair, especially on the ends. Seemed like the longer my hair got, the more problems I encountered with breakage.

Trying to figure out what to do about it through trial and error so I could get my length back, I finally worked out a moisturizing routine that keeps my hair so moisturized, I don’t usually have to spritz it but maybe 1x per week, where before I was doing it every day and sometimes twice per day when it was really warm outside.

Though the L.O.C. method worked very well, it didn’t really address the problems I was experiencing (like most naturals), with breakage at the ends of my hair. By making an addition to the standard L.O.C. method, I came up with something that worked like a charm for me. I call this combination of oil and products that has saved my hair from dryness and breakage The L.O.C.S. Method of Hair Moisturization.

Layering on products in the order listed, the L.O.C.S. method seals moisture into your hair shaft like a steel trap. Once I figured out this routine, my hair has been extremely soft, doesn’t tangle and doesn’t product SSK’s or fairy knots anymore. The result of using my L.O.C.S. method has been vastly reduced hair loss, no more split ends, no more mid-shaft splits, and a marked decrease in hair fall.

This Infographic explains exactly how my L.O.C.S. method works to moisturize your hair and protect your ends from breakage.  There are dozens of recipes here on the website that you can use to whip up your own leave-in conditioner, moisture spritz and butter sealant. Hope you find it to be of some benefit.

L.O.C.S. Method of Hair Moisturization



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  1. I like this idea, but it seems like your hair might be a little be oily once you add the second sealant.

  2. I like this idea, but it seems like your hair might be a little be oily once you add the second sealant.

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