Let’s Talk About Avocado Butter and Other Hair Butters

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Let’s talk for a minute about hair butters, avocado butter in particular.avocado butter or oil for natural hair conditioning

Over the past 18 years of being natural, I have slowly transitioned away from using commercial products like Hair Food and Vo5, to 100% natural organic shea butter and coconut oil blends that I whipped up myself or purchased from small vendors on Etsy.

But at this point I am just using straight avocado butter on my hair and scalp (or organic pure cold pressed neem oil, or coconut oil when my scalp is itchy), just like my grandmother used to do. My grandmother firmly believed in avocado butter, coconut oil, and neem oil which she would put on rashes, ringworm, cuts and scrapes, and our scalps to prevent fungal growth. Neem oil kills everything. But avocado butter is fabulous. My grandmother used both avocado and coconut oils on her body and face, and when she died at 94 still had not ONE wrinkle on her face, and her skin was as soft as a baby’s bottom.

I have to admit, sometimes it really seems like old folks know what to do. Perhaps we should just follow along in their footsteps instead of trying to recreate the wheel with all these newfangled special blends and a zillion products. The Product Junky lifestyle is real! I see the product stashes in Facebook natural hair groups, and the amount of money spent trying products is staggering.

Sistahs can spend upwards of a thousand dollars annually buying one product or another, when basic stuff that costs no more than $20 does the job perfectly well and probably a lot better.

I prefer avocado butter , but others have different favorites. What hair butter do you get the best results with? Or do you not use a butter to seal your ends?

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