Aloe, Silk Peptide, Cedarwood and Argan Oil Leave in Conditioner

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Made a gClick here to order Duafe Naturals Protein Enriched Hair Milkreat leave-in conditioner based loosely on the recipe popularized on You Tube. I wanted something with a bit of extra protein to compliment the moisturizing properties of Aloe Vera juice, and the sealant actions of the nourishing oil blends. This is what I came up with.

2 Tablespoons Duafe Naturals Protein Enriched Hair Milk

2 Tablespoons Aloe Vera juice

2 teaspoons Argan oil

1 teaspoon Castor oil

1 teaspoon silk peptide powder

5 drops Carrot Root essential oil

5 drops Cedarwood essential oil

Mix the ingredients together well. After lightly drying hair, apply half of the leave in conditioner it all over your head, using the other half on the ends as you twist, braid or knot your  hair.  I sealed each two-strand twist with Shea/Mango whipped butter.  My hair is feeling silky smooth to the touch and has lots of body already, and its only half dry!

Wonderful DIY leave in conditioner recipe for dry natural hairHeads Up!

If your hair is protein sensitive, this may not be the leave in conditioner recipe for you. People with coarse hair tend to not need additional protein… your hair is a bit more durable, whereas women with fine soft hair tend to need additional protein regularly. But to make sure what your hair needs, take one strand of freshly washed hair and stretch it gently between two fingers while observing the following:

(a) If your hair stretches a bit then resists being pulled further, it means your hair has a good protein/moisture balance and your hair will love this recipe.
(b) If it stretches and stretches and stretches, before finally breaking  you are in desperate need of a protein treatment. You should DEFINITELY use this recipe.
(c) If the strand of hair stretches a little bit, then suddenly breaks, your hair may be protein sensitive and this leave in conditioner recipe would probably not be the right one for you.

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