Key Factors in Hair Loss for Women

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Wondering why your hair won’t grow, or why its thinning or falling out? Consider these reasons.

Androgenetic Hair Loss in Women

Hormone related hair loss is less common in women and evolves more slowly on frizzy African American type hair than on Caucasian hair (i.e.: type 1/2 hair).  Androgenetic hair loss is almost always hereditary, so if your Mom had thin, patchy hair in her 50s, chances are that you will too. Androgenetic hair loss is due to a dysfunction of the androgen hormones at scalp level, and is characterized by a thinning out and then a progressive loss of the hair in patches throughout the head. On men, it is noticeable when you see gradual balding vs. total baldness. On women, it is mainly located on the top of the head and the back, and often occurs during child-bearing or at menopause.

Female Hair Loss Caused by Stress

Stress, exhaustion or a highly emotional event such as a death or job loss can trigger diffuse hair loss on the whole head or (sometimes for women) on the sides only. A change in location and a resulting change in climate, municipal water, and/or lifestyle is often the cause for such a type of loss as well.

Hair Loss Caused by an Iron Deficiencyhair loss in women due to iron deficiency

This type of loss is all over the head and usually affects only women. It typically begins with a noticeable thinning of the hair’s keratin and roots, so the number of hairs per square inch are fewer and fewer over time. Anemia-related hair loss is more frequent in women of African or Caribbean descent, possibly due to the high number of fibroid tumors and resultant monthly blood loss.  If you notice hair thinning or loss and use an IUD, have fibroid tumors and heavy menstrual periods, or have had multiple children you should have your blood screened for anemia regularly.

Great tips for ANY woman:  Eat foods that are rich in iron, as set out on the article A List of Foods High in Iron Content, which I wrote for LiveStrong.Com. And don’t forget that vitamin C facilitates the transmission of iron: orange juice taken during a meal triples the absorption of the iron contained in what was ingested. Cook in cast iron pots when possible.

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  1. Hi Mary. I live in NY and in the winter I wear a wig most days to protect my natural hair. I use coconut oil, castor oil or whatever other oil I have on hand to massage my edges at least twice a day. That seems to be helping my edges hold on.

  2. Mary Cain says:

    How can i grow my edges while wearing a wig for 12hours a day ? please help me

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