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We at YourNaturalHair.Com thought it would be interesting and worthwhile to interview some of the young black women (and men) changing the multi-billion dollar black hair care industry. We’re calling this series “The Faces of the Natural Hair Care Industry.” This is important because before the recent wave of natural hair care products, women with coily/kinky hair were slaves of corporations mass producing their hare care products. Many of these products have subsequently been proven to cause hair breakage, issues with the scalp, and other health concerns for the female body.

Over the past 10 years scores of small businesses popped up, each offering a selection of hand made products designed specifically for dry curly/coily hair worn in its natural state. For the most part, these cottage industry enterprises sell their wares on the web, avoiding the expense of establishing brick and mortar retail stores.

Other women that were selected for interviews are influential in a different way – perhaps organizing natural hair care groups, educating women escaping relaxers and perms about their natural hair and what it needs, or opening up natural hair care salons in their city.

I hope that you find these interviews and the information shared by these small business owners and leaders in the natural hair movement to be of value. Look for more interviews during the coming weeks. And if you are a shop owner or product developer, or you’re a consumer that wants to recommend someone for us to interview, please use the Contact Us link and tell us about it!

Sakina R. Devereaux of Natural Love Buttercreme company

Sakina R. Devereaux of Natural Love Buttercreame company


Your Name:  Sakina R. Devereaux

Your Title:  Owner & Founder

Business Name:  Natural Love Buttercreame

Business Street Address:  7168 Lakota Ridge Dr

City and State: Hamilton, Ohio

Business Phone Number: 513-364-4264

Your Website URL:

On Facebook at


Natural love hair and body cream

Sakina sent us a sample of her buttercreme to try and it was very, very nice. Light textured whipped butter consistency; not greasy, and smelled great. Seemed to get slightly better results on my daughter’s 3B hair than my 4A hair as far as definition, but we both loved how silky, shiny and soft our hair was. We both absolutely loved how our skin felt and smelled after using Natural Love Buttercreame.

What is the name of your business and what products and/or services does it offer? What are your short-term and long-term goals for your business/product/service?

The Name of my business is Natural Love. I currently offer one product that is multi-use. I make a handmade whipped Shea butter based creme that can be used on both skin and hair. My short term goals for my business is to expand my customer based, continually improve my business, product and and quality.

My long term goals are to expand my reach as far as I can, to add more simple, natural, wonderful hair and body products such as mud wash, body scrub, flaxseed custards and herbal infused oils.


What triggered your interest in the hair care industry?

My interest in the hair care industry came from going natural and quickly becoming a product junky. I have 3 daughters who are also natural and I was trying to find products for 4 different textures and curl pattern… it was EXHAUSTING. I started researching DIY mixes and it took off from there. Currently 90% of what I use for us I make myself.


There is a conflict in the black hair care industry regarding the definition of “natural”, with some claiming that if you color your hair, wear weaves, or “tex-lax” your hair that you are not “natural”. Is there really just one way to do things? Where do you stand?

I personally don’t have a stance on this. To me hair is a very personal thing I support a person’s choice either way. I am an advocate for HEALTHY hair, and learning your head of hair specifically.


What do you think is behind the movement to “going natural” in whatever form women are choosing? As a matter of fact, is there actually a “movement”, or do you think for most women it’s just the latest fad?


I definitely think that natural hair is a movement, an epidemic if you will. But to me it is a BEAUTIFUL POWERFUL one. It is a journey, it led me to making my own products and selling them, which I never saw coming, its making women LOVE themselves, their big noses, their kinky hair, their chocolate skin, its making folks lose weight and get healthy!!! Truly a beautiful thing!!!!


What would you say are the biggest or most frequent mistakes women make with their hair?

Not taking the time to get to know their hair. I think if you keep your hair covered with wigs and weaves all the time you are not getting familiar with your head. In my opinion you have to learn what your hair likes and dislikes.

Also trying EVERYTHING that someone else says is amazing, fantastic and magical.


Please share your wisdom on hair care with the readership. Can you give us three of your best suggestions or tips for success?

  1. Patience…don’t expect your hair to grow 4 inches a month, give yourself time to learn your hair and trial and error to know what works for you
  2. Learn YOUR hair… in it, feel it, take your time with, baby it, fall in love with it but please don’t base what your hair does or doesn’t do off someone else’s hair.
  3. Keep it simple….I think that speaks for itself.


Feel free to add anything else you want people to know!

I am new to the hair care and body care industry. I am a woman, mother, daughter, sister, friend, and entrepreneur. I am just like you. Learning, growing, experiencing life from a whole new angle!!!!!


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