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We at YourNaturalHair.Com thought it would be interesting and worthwhile to interview some of the young black women (and men) changing the multi-billion dollar black hair care industry. We’re calling this series “The Faces of the Natural Hair Care Industry.” This is important because before the recent wave of natural hair care products, women with coily/kinky hair were slaves of corporations mass producing their hare care products. Many of these products have subsequently been proven to cause hair breakage, issues with the scalp, and other health concerns for the female body.

Over the past 10 years scores of small businesses popped up, each offering a selection of hand made products designed specifically for dry curly/coily hair worn in its natural state. For the most part, these cottage industry enterprises sell their wares on the web, avoiding the expense of establishing brick and mortar retail stores.

Other women that were selected for interviews are influential in a different way – perhaps organizing natural hair care groups, educating women escaping relaxers and perms about their natural hair and what it needs, or opening up natural hair care salons in their city.

I hope that you find these interviews and the information shared by these small business owners and leaders in the natural hair movement to be of value. Look for more interviews during the coming weeks. And if you are a shop owner or want to recommend an interview with someone, please use the Contact Us link and tell us about it!


Ynobe Shop Ebony Johnson

Ebony Johnson of Ynobe Shop

Your Name:  Ebony Johnson

Your Website(s): I have a few!,, and

Find you on Facebook at: Ynobe Shop Naturally

Follow you on Twitter at:  @YnobeShop



What is the name of your business and what does it do? What are your short-term and long-term goals for your business/product/service?

My business is Ynobe Shop and we make natural hair products, accessories and candles. My short-term goals are to get my business up and running successfully and gain respect and trust from my customers.

My long-term goals are to maintain my business, gain and keep valuable long term relationships with my customers, continue to be responsive and one on one with my customers and produce products that are beneficial to the hair and body.

I definitely want to grow in my business and be able to network with others that are on the same path. I also would love to eventually have a storefront locally so that I can serve customers in my community as well as all around the world. i do plan to eventually replace my accessories and candles with other items, but I am slowly working on that.


What made you interested originally in the whole “natural hair” thing? How long have you been wearing your hair “natural?”

I have always loved natural hair. I always would say things like “I am not brave enough to cut all my hair off”. I think that as I got older, I started to realize that it wasn’t really about being brave, but more about being concerned about what others would say about me if I was walking around with little to no hair. That helped me decide to go for it.

Plus, I could always see the potential in my hair. I have always had healthy, thick hair; so why not have it chemical free. I did the BC June 2, 2011 and I have never regretted it one bit. I am about 19 months natural and my 2 year anniversary is coming up soon! YAY!!!


More and more women are leaving relaxers behind and transitioning to wearing their natural hair. What do you think is behind the movement to “going natural”? Is there actually a “movement”, or do you think for most women it’s just the latest fad?

I think that many women are starting to see how much being natural is accepted. Years ago if you were walking around with an Afro people would look at you strange, but now I think it exudes confidence and makes a women feel like she owns the place.Ynobe3

I think it could be a “fad” for some and mainly because they do not understand what it takes to wear your hair natural. They also do not want to take the time and energy to research what is best for their hair. Some women think they can cut it all off and just walk around like that. They don’t understand that it can be just as much work, if not more work as being relaxed.

I have to admit that it does seem like some kind of movement because so many women are jumping on the bandwagon. Being natural is not for everyone and it is sad to see some people say they want to go back to being relaxed, That is not the resolution to the problems they are having. If I were to give someone advice as to if they should go natural, I would simply ask them “Do you know what going natural means for you?”


What would you say are the biggest or most frequent mistakes natural hair wearers make?

Buying into all these products because everyone else is. Also, comparing their hair texture to other people. Your hair is your hair, everyone has different hair textures and I don’t care how much a persons hair may “look” like yours, it doesn’t mean it will do the same thing it does for that person.


Please share your wisdom on natural hair with the readership. Can you give us three of your best suggestions or tips for success?

Since I have been natural I have learned that it takes time to figure out what products work for your hair. I admit, I have been a product junkie, but over time I have realized that that products that I make (home made) work the best for me. My other suggestions are:

  1. Give a product time to show itself before going out and buying other products.
  2. Just because a product is expensive does not mean it will work for anyone!
  3. Try to to stay away from products that contain petroleum, mineral oil, or silicones. These ingredients block any kind of moisture from getting into your hair. They simply coat your strands.
  4. Make sure you drink plenty of water and try to eat right. Healthy hair starts from within.
  5. Water is your best form of moisture. Use plenty of it and do not be afraid to get your hair wet.


Feel free to add anything else you want our readers  to know Ebony

I would like to thank everyone for reading and I look forward to more interactions with you all. Please be sure to check out Ynobe Shop on Facebook for updates on new products, giveaways, and promotions!

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