Herbal Hair Butter Smoothie for Dry Hair

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The recipe I’ve been working on for months  and use on my own and my daughter’s hair is  now available for purchase. The testers have been reporting back and they have been giving the product RAVE reviews.

“I love your Shea whip! It really feels like moisture is locked into my hair ALL DAY…”~Marquita B.

“Loved the Shea Butter mix on my hair – I get the right amount of shine and softness. Perfect! 5 Stars! My hair is still soft and I haven’t put anything on it in a few days!~Dana S.

“My hair was always always dry no matter what I did. I gave up and did a second BC May 2012. This is the first product I’ve used since I went natural that makes my hair feel soft and moisturized for 2-3 days! Where were you when I cut my hair the first time!”~Karen W.

“I see great things on the horizon with your product. Are you about to market your butter? I’m running out of my sample. Can I buy some? How Much? Can’t run out!”~Betty W.

The hand-made Herbal  Hair Butter Smoothie is just that – a buttery blend of deliciousness for hair (and skin). Herbal Hair Butter Smoothie is a new natural hair product created by blogger Deborrah Cooper.

This is not just any Shea whip! This whip contains a selection of carrier and essential oils, several butters, and a host of nourishing herbal extracts which support strong, healthy hair growth. It is certainly a sealer, but it also provides dry natural hair with much needed moisture. This moisturizing herbal oil blend melts easily and is quickly absorbed into hair and skin. Your combouts will be much easier and your hair will tangle less. It will feel soft, silky smooth and moisturized with great body after use without a heavy greasy feel or an obnoxious smell.

In the meantime you can take a look at the reviews which are coming in, and watch the video to learn more about the Herbal Hair Butter Smoothie!

“This is the twist and the twist out. Definition so good, almost still looks like the twists are in. Her hair is probably 4a, (she is half Dominican). Yesterday, I did a hot oil, washed with a very gentle sulfate shampoo, Knots Today leave-in and twisted with your Herbal  Hair Butter.

My daughter came running in the room, saying it’s so SOFT AND MOISTURIZED! We couldn’t believe it.

I used on my hair also, but I’m still twisted up. My texture is probably 4c and twist outs have never looked good on me. I’ll post if I like the picture. Haha! Thanks again.” ~Betty Mitchell Wheeler


Twists set using Herbal Hair Butter Smoothie created by Deborrah Coopertwist out results with Herbal Hair Butter Smoohtie by Deborrah Cooper

Try our Herbal Hair Butter Smoothie for yourself! Special INTRODUCTORY PRICE – just $12.50 per jar vs the full price of $15.95, a savings of $3.50.


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