Flexi-Rods Curly Style on Natural 4c Hair

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Styling Your Natural Hair With Flexi-Rods

Explore the variety in styles available for natural hair with flexi-rods! Try a cute curly look using soft flexi-rods on natural hair. Available in a variety of sizes, you can do this look on very short to very long natural hair and get a different look each time.

Make Sure Your Hair is Completely Dry

The trick to success with this style is to make sure your hair is completely dry before taking the flexi-rod rollers out. That usually means air-drying for at least 12 hours. For those of you with very thick or porous hair, it may mean 16 or more hours and/or time under a bonnet style hairdryer.

Dampness at the roots of a flex rod style on natural hair leads to poofiness and frizzy curls.  Ultimately, it won’t be the look you’re trying for.

This video explains how the flexi-rod styling process works step by step.

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