Flax Seed Gel Natural Moisturizing for Dry Black Hair

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mini twists set with flax seed gel and coconut oil

Mini twist-out after setting twists with flax seed gel containing coconut oil. Notice the definition and softness.

Natural Hair Care – Flax Seed Gel Recipe

I love being a mixologist of natural hair care products. Reminds me of when I was a little kid and would go into the back yard in my playhouse with my play dishes and cups of “stuff” I squandered from my Mom.

I’d have flour and cornmeal, milk, water and catsup, olives, Cheerios, macaroni or rice, grass cuttings, chocolate chips, dirt, sand, dead bugs, sawdust, rose petals, bubble bath, and whatever else I could find or beg my parents out of.

Then I would take my treasures to the playhouse, get my little bowls out and start mixing stuff. I was 3-4 years old and thought that was so much fun!

So last night I made flax seed gel then put my mini-twists back in. This stuff is the bomb. My hair is soft, shiny, moisturized, and the natural curl pattern is quite evident. When I take the twists out the definition is fabulous and my hair doesn’t frizz.

You really should try it if you haven’t already.

How to Make Flax Seed Gel

flax seed gel recipe for natural black hair care black hair moisturizing treatment

To make your flax seed gel, you will need:

  • 2-1/2 cups distilled water
  • 1/3 cup raw (whole) flax seeds
  • Aloe Vera juice (optional)
  • Coconut, Avocado or Argon oil (optional but highly recommended)
  • Shea butter
  • Small wire whisk
  • Wooden cooking spoon
  • Large sauce pan (non-stick is best)
  • Tea Tree or Grapefruit essential oil (preservative)

flax seed gel recipe natural black hair care moisturizerPlace seeds and water in large sauce pan. Turn heat to medium.

Gently simmer while constantly stirring seeds in the water to avoid seeds sticking to bottom of pan.¬† When gel foams and reaches a slightly thickened consistency (seeds will appear to be ‘floating’ in the pan), immediately remove from heat and pour contents of pan into a strainer placed over your mixing bowl. I prefer to use a cheapo knee¬† high stocking that is stretched over a Glad bowl thing for easier handling and straining the last bits of gel from the seeds.

Let it drain from the strainer or stocking as much as possible. If using a strainer, stir and gently press mixture against strainer to extract as much of the thicker gel as possible. If using the pantyhose method, use plastic gripper tongs to squeeze the remaining gel out of the stocking into the bowl. Don’t use your fingers because the mixture is extremely hot!!

This whole “start simmering to finish” process should take no longer than about 6-7 minutes. Don’t boil it too hard or too long, or your gel will end up very thick and more difficult to strain. However, if you plan to wear a hairstyle requiring firmer hold (such as spiral curls), cooking your gel an additional 1-3 minutes will give you the thick gel you desire.

Once the Gel Cools…

to lukewarm you can whisk in the oil, shea butter and aloe into the flax seed gel until well mixed (but both are optional). Add a few drops of Tea Tree or Grapefruit Essential Oil as an anti-bacterial preservative if you won’t use your gel within a two week period.natural black hair care flax seed gel recipe

Store your gel in the refrigerator. Keep it no longer than about 4 weeks even with the preservative essential oil. You should not use it once it goes bad (you’ll know by the smell!). If you have concerns about not using it in time, you could just halve the recipe or put half in the freezer.

When seeds cool slightly, scrape seeds from stocking or strainer. Put seeds in airtight container in the fridge or freezer to use again if you want. I just throw everything out because flax seeds and the 99 cent store half stockings are so cheap, why bother?

Best used on towel dried and oiled, or totally dry hair that has been oiled right before styling. You can also mix a tablespoon into water for a daily spritz. You can use it as a wash and go, or to put on your hair in individual sections if you plan to wear braids or twists.

Be sure to stir or shake before use to redistribute the oils evenly through the product. I prefer to put my flax seed gel in an applicator bottle with long nozzle so that it can be easily applied exactly where I want it with no mess.flax seed gel moisturizing conditioner for dry hair natural hair care

Styling Natural Hair With Flax Seed Gel

To smooth your edges and achieve a polished, sleek look on puffs, buns and updos, add flax seed gel to your hair then tie it down with a silk scarf. Let try thoroughly.

For braid-outs and twist-outs, put your leave-in conditioner on first, followed by a light coating of oil (if you didn’t put any in the gel), then top that the flax seed gel. If you put oil in your gel no additional oil is usually necessary, but you can use a dab of melted Shea butter or Jojoba oil on the ends of your braids or twists to seal them if your ends are very dry.

If you prefer to use oil on your hair separate from the oil in the gel, I suggest lightly spritzing hair to dampen one section, putting liquified Shea or coconut oil on that section, then adding the flax seed gel on top. Repeat for each section before braiding or twisting.

Ready Made Flax Seed Gel

Duafe Naturals offers a fabulous product available to order on their website which I’ve tried and love…. gives you the benefits of flax seed gel in a form that is not perishable, so it can travel with you for hair touch ups and weekend trips. If you struggle with achieving smooth edges and are tired of frizzy twist-outs or braid outs, give this a try. Duafe Naturals Flax Seed Styling Custard provides the same soft but defined hold for your hair as DIY flax seed gel without the work!


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