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The battle between DIY and commercial hair styling products wages on! In the ring for this round is the favorite darling of the make it yourself naturals – flax seed gel, and the go to favorite of the buy it yourself camp – Eco Styler gel.

It’s hard to miss hearing about the wonders of Eco Styler gel, as dozens of Naturalistas rave and go on and on about how fabulous it is.  I was not in that crowed, however, because my experience with it left much to be desired. My hair felt crunchy, dry and the gel flaked horribly. After one use it sat in a corner of the bathroom, banished to Never to be Used Again Land, where dozens of Product Junkies send their bad purchases to die.

Twist out using flax seed gel/Eco Styler gel mixture

So my life continued on, making and using flax seed gel and enjoying the softness, definition and nourishing properties of a 100% organic styling solution for my natural hair.

There was just ONE problem – the hold with flax seed gel is so soft that certain styles are almost impossible to hold, and by the end of the day what began as crisp, well-defined crimps from twists, was a rather shapeless mess.  So I began to consider what I could to to make my flax seed gel have more muscle, and I came up with a perfect solution: I mixed Eco Styler gel and flax seed gel together!

It worked perfectly and the results were exactly what I was looking for. The twist out looked great for three full days and could have gone a fourth except it was 2 days past time for my co-wash.

Eco Styler Gel and Flax Seed Gel Blend for Twists and Twist-Outs

My hair was already washed, oiled and sealed. I’d worn twists for two days.  I took them down and clipped up most of my hair, leaving out 3×3 section. I sprayed my hair to dampness with my daily moisturizing spritz (containing aloe vera juice, distilled water, rosewater and a small amount of leave in moisturizer). Once damp I gently finger combed to distribute the spritz evenly through my hair.

I then applied the 50/50 blend of flax seed gel and Eco Styler gel (I use the olive oil one).  In case you are confused that was 2 liquid ounces of flax seed gel in my applicator bottle with 2 ounces of Eco Styler gel. My hair was fully saturated.  Ran the comb through to make sure there were no tangles, then twisted that section into 3 twists. If your hair is really thick you may need to do four, but 1″ sections of hair in twists work fine for me.

I let my hair dry naturally overnight, then took the twists down in the morning. I was thrilled with the fact that I’d now be able to enjoy the best of both worlds, as my hair felt smooth, soft and moisturized from the flax seed gel, and the Eco Styler definitely helped create deeper crimps and curls from the twists that showed no signs of going frizzy.

If your natural hair is coarse and hard to control, you may need to change the ratio of Eco Styler gel to flax seed gel so that you use 75% Eco Styler and just 25% flax seed gel. Play around with the ratios and check out the results that work best for YOUR hair.

Making flax seed gel DIY 100% natural styling product

Making a fresh batch of flax seed gel

Make small batches of this blend at a time… only how much you are going to use immediately. Flax seed gel is a natural food-based, preservative free product and as such is prone to spoil quickly.  Eco Styler Gel probably has a nuclear half life and will still be good to use when you are retired. Anyway, give this blend a shot and let us know how it worked for your hair!

How to Make Flax Seed Gel

For instructions on how to make plain flax seed gel, click here.

For instructions on how to make Rosemary and Rosewater flax seed gel (my recipe and it’s the bomb!), click here.


Ready Made Flax Seed Gel

Duafe Naturals offers a fabulous product available on their website which I’ve tried and love. Gives you the benefits of flax seed gel in a form that is not perishable, so it can travel with you. If you struggle with achieving smooth edges and are tired of frizzy twist-outs or braid outs, give this a try. Duafe Naturals Flax Seed Styling Custard provides the same soft but defined hold for your hair as DIY flax seed gel without the work!


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