Dry Afo Textured Hair? Aloe and Avocado Oil to the Rescue

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201206-omag-avocado-oil-284x426This winter its been unseasonably cold in the San Francisco Bay Area. The other night it was 26 degrees!!! Since I don’t like to use a lot of oil on my scalp on a daily basis, I figured out a concoction that is working great to keep my hair AND scalp moisturized. My goal is to prevent breakage from the outdoor cold and indoor drying heat.

  • Mix 2 tablespoons of aloe vera gel with 1-2 tsps. of avocado oil.
  • Put some on fingertips and dab onto scalp. Repeat until you cover your entire head.
  • Massage oil/gel mixture into scalp for about five minutes.
  • Smooth whatever you have left through your hair, concentrating on the dry ends which are more exposed to the elements and heat.
  • While hair is lightly dampened, twist or braid it up.
  • Cover head with sleeping cap and retire for the night.

It’s like magic! The next morning your hair will be moisturized and very lightly oiled if you feel any oil at all (as avocado oil absorbs into the skin and hair shaft, it leaves very little oily residue). Your afro-textured kinky hair will feel soft hair and manageable, and your natural hair curly texture will shine through.

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