Coconut Oil for Natural Hair Penetrates and Moisturizes

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Working on a list of the top 12 best oils to use on dry natural hair, but wanted to put up this post to share with you what has to be in the top three if not the #1 spot for Naturalistas!  What is the best conditioning oil treatment… an oil that actually penetrates the hair shaft?

The answer is PURE COCONUT OIL. Coconut oil for natural hair is the shizznit. According to scientists there are just three oils that have been proven to penetrate the hair shaft completely, thereby reducing the loss of hair protein and moisture which keeps hair supple and prevents breakage.

The three oils are coconut oil, olive oil and avocado oil. There are other less well known oils that also totally or partially penetrate the hair shaft, and we’ll be giving you a run-down on them with scientific references in short order.  In the meantime, enjoy this video and try using coconut oil for natural hair conditioning and hot oil treatment before your next shampoo.

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