Can You Help With My Dry Biracial Natural Hair?

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I am biracial and my hair is something that I have never gotten under control.  Lol!! I have a severe dandruff problem, BIG PROBLEM there. And my hair is always dry. I just can’t seem to find anything that works for me.  I want to try locs but my King said it will ruin my hair. I just saw a post on your Facebook group page about Marley Twists. What are these exactly? Excuse me for my ignorance. 

I wash my hair only 2 times a week. The only thing I use on my scalp is “African Royale – Hot Six Oils” which has helped with the dandruff/dryness somewhat. On my hair I’ve been using mousse with jojoba oil which is the only way I seem to be able to get my curls to activate!! But I really want locs or these Marley Twists. What do you recommend I do?


During the winter many women adopt what we call “protective” styles where their hair ends are protected from wind, snow, cold and from breakage caused by rubbing against rough woolen clothing. Protective styles may involve completely covering your hair ends by wearing wigs and hairpieces, or by wearing  braided styles with or without extensions (purchased hair).

Marley Twists (pictured below right) are long twists, like Senegalese twists, but they use a different type of packaged hair. The hair is synthetic, not human, and looks like kinky twist hair but it’s much less coarse. Since its a temporary style you would have some leeway while you consider what you want to do with your hair long-term.

Though I know several people that have taken their locs down, most people get their hair locked as a permanent hairstyle choice. Should they change their mind about wearing locs, most people cut the locs off near the scalp and start all over again.

Now let’s talk about the scalp flaking and dryness issue your biracial natural hair is suffering.

#1 – unless you are doing super dirty work, 1x a week washing with shampoo should be plenty. Change one of your washes to a co-wash instead and see if that helps with dryness. See the article Avoid Co-washing Your Natural Hair to Death for more information.

getting hair put in Marley Twists

Marley Twists

#2 – even though you are biracial and have curly but not kinky hair, your hair and scalp can still benefit from pre-pooing. I recommend that you use virgin, cold-pressed coconut oil on your hair and scalp. Apply a generous amount (probably about 1/3 cup or so for your hair because its long and thick). Work it in well and don’t be afraid of really slathering it on.

Cover your hair with one or two plastic caps, then a sleeping cap to keep them from sliding off. Let the coconut oil soak into your hair and scalp for at least 12 hours before you shampoo it out. Follow that up with a good moisturizing conditioner that is paraben free.  For detailed instructions on how to do a pre-poo oil treatment, see Dry Hair Pre-Poo with Coconut Oil.

#3 – There are natural ways to fight dandruff and seborrhea, which are usually caused by a bacterial infection of the scalp, or an allergic reaction to products.  Jojoba oil causes problems for many people, so that might be something for you to take a look at.  See the post entitled Natural Ways to Fight Dandruff and Seborrhea.

#4 – Nutrition often has a lot to do with hair and scalp dryness. Make sure your diet has appropriate balance of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fats, fluid and minerals/vitamins. Eat fish, drink lots of water, fresh fruits and whole grains daily. Take a multi-vitamin if you eat irregularly or on the go a lot.

#5 – Hair masks made from natural organic ingredients like avocados and bananas works better for many women’s hair than commercial products. Some chemicals have been known to cause a sensitivity reaction (redness, itching), or a flat out allergic response (burning sensation) on the scalp. See the blog post Make it Yourself Dry Hair Conditioners and Masks.

One thing I noticed that is missing from your hair regime is a moisturizer. Most women with curly hair complain of dryness and should regularly use a leave in moisturizer/conditioner on their hair.

Pick up Giovanni Silk or Giovanni Direct Leave in Conditioner at Whole Foods, Amazon.Com or most large health food stores. The Giovanni products leave your biracial natural hair soft, moist feeling and activates curls.

For deeper conditioning and moisturizing, try the Duafe Naturals line of conditioner called Avocado and Agave Deep Conditioning Treatment. The avocado adds rich emollients to the hair and scalp, and the agave acts as a humectant attracting moisture to your dry hair. Then you can use a light touch of oil on TOP of that to seal in the moisture. The hair dryness problem you’ve been experiencing should be a thing of the past.

And finally, remember that Jojoba oil is a wax, not an oil. It seals your hair up tight. If you have moisture on it, jojoba oil will effectively lock moisture into the hair strand. If you put it on your hair dry, jojoba oil will form a waxy coating and seal out any type of moisture you try to add, guaranteeing dry, crunchy hair.

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