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Women keep writing me to complain about the dryness of their crunchy, dry hair ends… how their ends keep breaking off, making it seems as if their hair is not growing at all… how no matter what they do their hair won’t stay moisturized.

“Try some beer!” I say with glee. “Then seal your ends with Argan oil or Shea butter or castor oil and you will be straight!”

Not one woman has listened. Yet, beer is one of the best moisturizers for dry hair that there is.

Benefits of Beer for Dry Hair

Beer contains high levels of minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and antioxidants. Beer provides excellent nutritional value to the hair and contains as many sought-after ingredients as most other hair care products available.

~ Beer contains proteins that help repair damaged hair.guinness beer 2
~ Beer contains magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium.
~ B vitamins in beer promote hair growth.
~ Maltose helps to strengthen hair.
~ Sucrose enhances natural shine by tightening hair cuticles.
~ Corn, wheat, and rice protein will boost volume and help hair appear thicker.
~ Beer also contains Biotin which is one of the most important vitamins for healthy hair growth (Biotin also helps to prevent dandruff and hair loss)

Beer acts as the perfect conditioner for your hair. I put some in small container and dip my fingers in it, then smooth it on the ends of my hair. Top that off with some Argan oil then twist my hair. Instant softness and moisture.

Use dark beer like Guinness and let it sit out until its flat for best results. Biotin is more prevalent in the darker beers so pick up a few bottles of Guinness for maximum benefit. Don’t worry, the smell disappears quickly. Don’t do the beer thing if your hair is colored… might make your hair even more dry.

Styling and Cleansing Dry Hair With Beer

beer set mini twistsI’ve set my mini-twists with beer before (I usually use Anchor Steam for that), and got great results.  Here are a few beer recipes you can try yourself.

Homemade Beer Shampoo

Mix together equal amounts of your regular natural shampoo with your chosen beer. Gently massage into your hair and leave to soak in for around 2 minutes. Rinse hair thoroughly using cold water. Condition your hair as normal to eliminate any lingering beer aromas.

Homemade Beer Rinse

1 ounce of water
2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar
1 ounce of beer
5 drops of essential oil – such as lavender, rosemary or tea tree oil (for aroma)

Combine all ingredients rub mixture throughout your hair, and then rinse. This will helps remove any stubborn dirt buildup and enhance shine.

Homemade Beer Conditioner

1 cup of beer
1 teaspoon jojoba oil

Slightly warm up beer and then combine with jojoba oil. Apply mixture to hair and leave in for approximately 15 minutes, and then rinse. This will help increase volume and restore that natural shine.

Homemade Beer Hair Mask

1 bottle of beer
2 teaspoons of honey
3-4 drops of lemon

Heat up beer for approximately 1 minute, and then add honey and lemon. Apply paste to hair and gently massage until completely covered. Leave in for approximately 15 minutes then rinse well.

So, those of you that want to grow out your natural hair, or that worry about your hair being dull and dry, give all those different products you spend money on and your wallet a break – try beer instead. Since its football season, the man in your life will probably encourage use of this product! lol

Feel free to post pictures of your hair after using a beer rinse in this thread. We’d like to see your results and hear what you have to say about beer and dry hair.

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