Back to the Grind Castor Oil Challenge

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Castor Oil “Back to the Grind” Challenge

Challenge begins:  August 15, 2013 
Challenge ends:  November 15, 2013
Winner announced:  November 20, 2013


Summer is almost over, which means heading back to school and really buckling down at the J.O.B. The warm lazy weekends will soon be coming to an end, replaced by the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. We want to help you get ready so that when its time for holiday parties in December, your natural hair will be absolutely fabulous!

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With the holidays in mind, the goal of this program is to provide encouragement and support to the participants in their goal for healthier, longer, more abundant hair by December 1st; we’ll be using castor oil to achieve those goals.

Castor oil has been proven to generate new hair growth, thicken thinning hair, soften and strengthen the hair, seal dry ends and support length retention, and support moisture retention in dry, porous hair. Castor oil’s anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties help resolve scalp infections which are reported to be the direct cause of hair loss and slow hair growth in many women.

Whether you regularly use castor oil now, have never tried it, or use it on a hit and miss basis, you can participate by committing to use castor oil consistently for the next 90 days as part of your natural hair care program.

What Are the Benefits of Castor Oil for Natural Hair Growth?

Using castor oil regularly on your hair’s roots and scalp will help:

  • Increase hair growth
  • Thicken hair that is starting to thin out
  • Encourage regrowth of hairline
  • Reduce and prevent hair damage
  • Eliminate dry hair
  • Make the hair fuller and shinier
  • Deeply condition and moisturize hair and scalp
  • Prevents dry scalp and dandruff
  • Boost your hair’s overall health
  • Applying castor oil to the ends (tips) of  your hair will also prevent your hair from looking frizzy and having split ends and damage. You will also notice that your hair is stronger and won’t develop split ends that easily anymore. Source

How Do I Participate in the “Back to the Grind” Castor Oil Challenge?

1. You may use any castor oil of your choosing, but it must be 100% castor oil with no other additives, salt or preservatives. We recommend Simply Organics Jamaican Black Castor oil, which is the brand we personally use (the company has graciously offered a 20% discount for all participants – click image at left to order) Simply Organics Jamaican Black castor oil get 20% off with code YNH2013
2. Apply castor oil a minimum of three times per week, but depending upon how quickly your hair absorbs the oil, you can apply as often as every night.
3. If straight castor oil causes a reaction with your scalp, you may dilute the castor oil with a carrier oil such as avocado oil. If you are using JBCO (Jamaican Black Castor Oil), often a switch to plain castor oil alleviates negative reactions such as scalp soreness and itching.
4. Registrants may be natural, relaxed, loc’d, in braids, wearing a protective style, or wearing a wig or a weave. Doesn’t matter, as long as your style permits access to your scalp for the requisite 3x per week (minimum) use of castor oil.
5. You must commit to the weekly “check in” and do so a minimum of 10x during the course of the challenge. If you don’t make the minimum, you can still participate in the challenge, but you will be ineligible for the grand prize(!)
6. Every 4 weeks (3x) all competing registrants are required to report any changes (which are hopefully improvements) in your hair and hair growth. Posting an update photo is strongly suggested but not required.
7. Co-wash as needed, but shampoo no more than once per week.11014954_s(1)
8. Every competing registrant is required to upload at least one START and one END photo which clearly shows their hair length to the website to be eligible to win. No exceptions.
9. No other topical growth aids of any kind can be used during the 90 days of the castor oil challenge if you plan to participate as a competitor for the grand prize. This means no liquid hair vitamins, hair growth serums or scalp creams.
10. Official registration for the challenge is open now but closes at 8:00 pm (Pacific time) on Thursday, August 15th; your “Challenge Start” photos must be uploaded by that time. Remember, you must be officially registered and submit a “Challenge Start” photo which clearly shows your current hair length to compete for the grand prize.

What is the Grand Prize?

castor oil challenge prize

A product junky’s dream! The grand prize winner of the Back to the Grind castor oil challenge will receive a $25.00 Visa Gift Card PLUS a selection of natural hair, skin and beauty products valued at $50 minimum! So you’ll get free products and free shopping for even more stuff on us. Sorry, only U.S. residents aged 18 and over are eligible to win, though anyone can participate in the challenge.

Where Do I Register for the Castor Oil Challenge?

Right here in this post! It’s easy to sign up.

(1) First, make sure you are a registered member of this website. We need your screen name and email address (which will never be shared with anyone), to track the number of check-in posts you make during the castor oil challenge.castor oil challenge length check

(2) Return to this page and create a comment – inputting the data you see below to complete the initial phase of your registration.

(3) You’ll have 48 hours beginning August 14th to upload AT LEAST ONE “Challenge Start” photo which clearly shows your current hair length, and complete the second phase of your registration (or you can do it all at once). Please size your picture so that it is no larger than 500 px in either direction. You can resize images online free and easily using ShrinkPictures, Web Resizer, or PhotoSize :

Last Relaxer:
Next Relaxer:
Last Trim:
Hair Texture:
Brand You Will Use:
Mix With Carrier Oil or Use Straight?:
How Will You Apply Castor Oil?:
Hair Porosity:
Curl Pattern:
Long-Term Hair Length Goal:
Current Hair Length:    Front_____   Side_______  Nape_______
Overall Goal for This Challenge:

Remember, Simply Organics Oils is offering all participants in the challenge 20% off on the castor oil of their choice with code YNH2013. Click here to order.

That’s it! Good luck! May the best head win!

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  1. Castor Oil Challenge By Your Natural Hair | Natural Style Express | 08/03/2013
  1. last relaxer-08/31/12
    last trim-07/19/13
    hair texture-medium/coarse
    brand-Tropic island
    Mixed & straight
    Directly to scalp
    Hair Porosity- High
    Hair pattern- 4 a/b
    Long Term Hair goal- Thick Full MBL
    Length- 4in all around
    Overall goal is to get thickness to my hair and sticking to oiling my scalp.

    • monicaf monicaf says:

      Last relaxer- 12/31/2012
      Last trim- 07/15/2013
      Hair texture- medium/kinky coily
      Brand- tropic isle
      Using it straight
      Application- hair and scalp
      Porosity- low
      Curl pattern- 4a
      Long term goal- APL
      Length-1.75in. in the front; 2 in. On the sides; 1.95 in. In the back

      Monica Francis Day 1
      I just wanna see if this challenge Will work helping me to get growing healthy hair

  2. kkmpd_1 says:

    Last Relaxer- 1/2/12
    Last Trim- 2/14/13
    Hair Texture- Medium
    Brand- Heritage 100% Castor Oil
    Mixed with Jojoba and Avocado Oil
    Massage into scalp
    Hair Porosity- Medium
    Curl Pattern- 4b
    Hair Length Goal- BSL
    Current Hair Length: 2 inch past shoulder
    Overall Goal- Thickness and Growth

  3. Just_Sha says:

    Last Relaxer- 5/21/2011
    Next Relaxer: None
    last trim -8/7/2013
    Hair Texture- Medium/ Kinky coily
    Brand- Tropical Isle JBCO
    Mix with Carrior oil or use straight: Use straight
    How will you apply castor oil: massaged into scalp and used on ends as sealant
    Hair porosity- low
    Curl pattern- 4c
    hair length goal- bra strap length
    current hair length-
    Front_ 8″
    Side _8.25″
    Overall goal- Length, growth retention, and maintaining moisture levels

    Just Sha Week 1

  4. ksmoot08 ksmoot08 says:

    Last Relaxer: Never
    Last Trim: June 2013
    Hair Texture: Medium/Kinky
    Brand: Tropical Isle JBCO
    Mix with Olive Oil
    Apply to scalp only
    Hair Porosity: Low
    Curl Pattern: 4a/b
    Long-term hair length goal: Mid-back length
    Current Length: Front about 1in pass chin/sides APL/Back top of bra strap
    Overall goal for this challenge: to stick to this challenge until the end and see what results I can achieve.

  5. dajestanley says:

    Last Relaxer: 2008/2009
    Last trim: 8/14/13
    Hair Texture: Kinky Curly
    Brand You Will Use: Simply Organic Lavendar Jamaican Black Castor Oil
    Mix with Carrier Oil or Use Straight? Use Straight
    How Will You Apply Castor Oil: Directly onto Hair/Scalp
    Hair Porosity: High
    Curl Pattern: Front/Sides 3a/b Back 4a/3c
    Long Term Goal: 1 to 2 inches more in length
    Length: With little stretching – about 5 inches in all areas

    Dana Stanley Day 1

  6. themaglotus says:

    Last Relaxer: Fall 2010
    Next Relaxer: Never
    Last Trim: Not sure, couple months ago I think
    Hair Texture: Curly
    Brand You Will Use: Tropic Isle Living Jamaican Black Castor Oil
    Mix with Carrier Oil or Straight: Straight
    How will you apply castor oil: use when twisting my hair at night
    Hair porosity: Not sure
    Curl pattern: 3C Curly Kinky
    Long-Term Hair Length Goal: Waist Length Hair by my 40s
    Current Hair Length: Front-1 1/2in. below chin. Side-Arm Pit Length. Nape-Arm pit length
    Overall goal for this challenge: Gain 2 inches and win a prize :)

  7. MrsGrizzly says:

    Last relaxer: 4/29/09
    Last trim: 6/1/13
    Texture: med/kinky
    Brand: NOW 100% pure castor oil
    Using straight
    Applying to hair and scalp
    Porosity: high
    Curl pattern: 4b
    Long term length goal: BSL hair
    Current length: front 1″; side 1″; nape .75″
    Overall goal: To revive my post-pregnancy hair. Its now drier and a bit more brittle. Not to mention, I really miss my big twist out!

  8. desinez says:

    Last Relaxer:December 2011
    Next Relaxer: never
    Last Trim: 2012
    Hair Texture: curly/coily
    Brand You Will Use: Jamaican Mango and Lime
    Mix With Carrier Oil or Use Straight?: Straight
    How Will You Apply Castor Oil?: To Scalp
    Hair Porosity: Low
    Curl Pattern: 3c/4a
    Long-Term Hair Length Goal: MBL
    Current Hair Length: Shoulder length
    Front___7 Side_____7 Nape______7
    Overall Goal for This Challenge: Thicker hair and length

  9. elainegenialee says:

    Ok I’ll be doing this again because i didn’t resize my picture and it wasn’t the best to show the true lenght of my hair.
    Last relaxer- December 2012
    Last trim- BC. June 28th 2013
    Hair texture- Kinky coily, 4a
    Brand- tropic isle
    Application- hair to style and scalp after every shampoo
    Porosity- low
    Curl pattern- 4a
    Long term goal- SL
    Length- see pictures 😉
    Goal: being able to put my hair up in a high ponytail

  10. folamix says:

    Last Relaxer – 7/15/11
    Last Trim- 6/11/13
    Hair texture – medium
    brand – Tropical Island JBCO
    Mixed CO with either SAO/JO/AO
    Massage into scalp
    hair porosity – low
    curl pattern – 3/c to 4/c
    Hair Length Goal – ?
    Current Hair Length – Front 5.5, Side 6, Nape 6.5
    Goal: to see how my grows

  11. shun may
    last relaxer dec 4th 2012
    last trim: May 17th
    Hair texture: kinky curly
    brand: Jamaican castor oil
    using it with deep conditions
    porosity: high
    curl pattern: 4b to 4c
    long term goal: 1to 2 inches more
    current length: 2inches

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