Back to the Grind Castor Oil Challenge – Week 3 Check-In

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Not going to make this long and drawn out. Mainly because I forgot to put the page up in time. So everyone has until midnight on Friday September 6th to check in. You have one extra day! But we’ll be back on schedule for check in NEXT THURSDAY BY MIDNIGHT. Remember, you are supposed to miss no more than two check-ins during the challenge.

If you’ve already missed one check-in, you’ll have to be very diligent about coming to the site every Thursday to answer the check in questions. Next week we’ll be at the 1 month mark and everyone will be expected to upload a progress photo of their trouble spot – edges, crown, nape of neck, etc.

Week Three: Check In Questions

Answer these questions in your post below to officially “check in” as we conclude week three of the Back to the Grind castor oil challenge.

  1. We talked about a lot of benefits to using castor oil on dry hair and itchy scalps in the challenge documentation. What have you noticed are the pros and cons of using castor oil on your hair?
  2. What do you know now about natural hair care that you didn’t when you first went natural?What would be different about your hair if you knew then what you know now?
  3. How are you staying motivated as the weeks past, or are you struggling to be consistent?

That’s it for this week. We’ll be checking the post and noting who “checked in” for the “Back to the Grind” castor oil challenge on our spreadsheet. If you have any questions about the castor oil challenge, feel free to post them here. Someone will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Stay natural!

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Blogger, writer, relationships/dating expert, fitness trainer and natural hair enthusiast since 1997. Sharing information from grandmomma, books and scientific journals, as well as my personal discoveries and experiences with natural hair as we journey from relaxers, flat irons and weaves together.

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  1. folamix says:

    #1 My scalp is not as itchy as it was. I use a combo of castor oil/jojoba oil/tea tree oil/peppermint oil.

    #2. I wouldn’t say I know anything different. I just take more time with it as it is getting long.

    #3. I am motivated to see how long my hair can get. Consistency is not a problem

  2. 1. I notice my edges are slowly but surely disappearing and I think my hair is getting thicker.
    2. I didn’t know you had to do 1,4532,3232 things to care for your natural hair, I’m used to perms and what not lol.
    3. I’m very impatient with my hair growth in this challenge, but I try to keep my mind occupied on other things…its the only way I can not make this challenge so difficult for me.

  3. ksmoot08 ksmoot08 says:

    1. I’ve enjoyed the moisture the oil has provided my ends. Once I massage my scalp it travels down my strands and keeps my ends soft and not dry. I was expecting it to make my hair really oily but I use a thin coat of the oil applying with my finger to the scalp.
    2. I’ve been natural all my 40 years. But I never wore it in it’s natural state. Always flat-ironed….this natural journey has helped me to learn my natural curl and how to care for it. Not to mention I’m learning to style and appreciate my curls.
    3. I’ve been very consistent with this challenge. I’m a member of a NaturalHair FB page that keeps me motivated.

    Question???? How many of these post have I missed this is the first one I’ve received…..I think!

    • Deborrah says:

      Come back every Friday/Saturday to check in. Being a bit lax about the timing because since this started, I’ve been absolutely swamped with projects. I haven’t been able to get the check in posts up like I wanted to on Thursdays. :(

  4. MrsGrizzly says:

    #1-So far the pros are my hair is getting thicker and my scalp is less itchy. The only con I have is the smell; I have to stay creative in keeping the oily smell to a minimum.

    #2-I didn’t know it required such patience and that every product listed as natural isn’t what it seems. If I knew then it was much healthier to be natural, I would have done it sooner.

    #3-Seeing my hair growth from where I started is my motivation, I don’t know I everyone has seen a difference, but I sure have. I know if I keep on track my hair will at least be back to the length I had during pregnancy which was at least 5 inches at top of my head.

  5. kkmpd_1 says:

    1. So far the pros and cons are my hair is much more manageable and softer. The only con I have is the thickness of the oil I have to add oils to my castor oil so that it’s not thick.

    2. I didn’t know how timely it is and how patient you have to be. I am in the military so its hard for me to wear the cute natural hair styles when my hair should be pulled to the back. If I knew what I know now I would not have purchased so many products instead I would be making them from scratch. My hair would be so much healthier.

    3. I have been very consistent I just can’t wait to see how much my hair grows. :-)

  6. dajestanley says:

    1. Pros: softness, brings out the curls, and better manageability. Cons: just trying to find what is too much oil and what is too little.

    2. What I didn’t know when I first went natural: the use of water to spritz to minimize breakage and to help ‘lock in’ the oil used on the hair. Also didn’t know about using oil on my hair. I just used moisturizers from the store.

    3. I’ve been consistent with using the Castor Oil. I really want to see results!

  7. 1. The pro is that my hair is mot dry like it was when I first started this process. I am also seeing growth as well. The con is the greasiness of the product and how it leaves that on my pillows and items that I lean on.
    2. I have learned that moisture is key. I have also learned that with me having alopecia, it is not a good idea to tie my hair with heavy items. I also learned that there are so many products that you can use.
    3. There are some days that I become lazy, but overall, I am being consistent, as I am so looking forward to not having to tie something around my hair to cover my edges.

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