Back to the Grind Castor Oil Challenge – Week 6 Check In

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This week’s check in is very easy! Simply take a clear photograph of your hair length today to compare with the shot you did when you first signed up. That’s all! Feel free to post any comments you have about the challenge or using castor oil. Resize and/or crop images to no larger than 400×300 before uploading to the site at or with a program you have installed on your computer.


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  1. folamix says:

    I ran into all kinds of problems and am unable to upload a pic. However, I did take my measurements all around:

    Top – 7.5″
    Sides – 7.5″
    Nape – 8″

  2. dajestanley says:

    I have to do my measurements at another time, but I believe my hair has grown, and it is a lot softer and healthier with the castor oil. My hair is stretched in the pic because I didn’t wet it a lot.

  3. MrsGrizzly says:

    I’m planning to blow it out soon and I’m excited to see just how much it has grown. I think things are coming along quite nicely!!

  4. kkmpd_1 says:

    My hair has grown 2″ since I began. My hair feels amazing and soft. I am loving this :-). During this regimen I have created a HR that I am going to continue to use.

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