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washing natural hairNot sure what happened to the fabulous page of information I’d created for today, but its Missing In Action. Oh well.  I’ve spent the past two days looking for it and then my notes so I could recreate the page with no luck. So decided to forget it! Which means this week you have just one question to answer for the castor oil challenge check in this week.

Castor Oil Challenge Week 4 Check In Question

Please share your wash day routine.  Do you pre-poo? Use shampoo or a no poo method? Do you wash your hair in sections or all at once? Use a leave in or deep conditioner or both? How do you dry your hair?

That’s it! Remember that next week we’ll be uploading photos as part of the castor oil challenge check in, so get your camera ready.


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  1. I do not pree poo I don’t think. I make my own shampoo I use Aloe Vera juice, jojoba and avocado oil and cleanse my hair this way I love it and it works great. I had to get used to not having bubblies when I wash my hair though. I do wash my hair in section even when my hair is in braids it much more easier. I use both leave in and DC. I wash my hair Friday night and do the bagging method overnight. The next morning instead of rinsing my DC out I apply my acv rinse mixed with green tea, leave that on for about 20 min then rinse all of it out. My hair feels so Amazing once you find a regimen that fits you it makes life so much easier. I do not dry my hair with towels it creates frizz instead I use t-shirts.

  2. folamix says:

    I prepoo once a week with a mixture of coconut oil/avocado oil/olive oil. Currently I am cowashing but I haven’t found one that I really like yet. I wash my hair all at once but I will need to break it down in sections soon. I use a deep conditioner and a leave-in. I use a tee shirt to soak up some of the excess water, then airdry the rest of the way.

  3. MrsGrizzly says:

    My routine is pretty bare-bones…I deep condition with Shea Moisture’s Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque for 30 minutes, rinse, massage castor oil into my scalp, and finally add some coconut hibiscus curl enhancing smoothie. That’s it!

    • MrsGrizzly says:

      Oops and I like to let my hair air dry. Once it gets longer I will two-strand twist it with castor oil before letting it air dry.

  4. elainegenialee says:

    My routine is…washing with Carol’s daughter TUI moisturising shampoo followed with conditioner from the same line, afterwards for styling purposes I apply castor oil, coconut oil, leave in conditioner from Cantu (argan oil one) followed by a mixture of shea butter and cocoa butter, some eco styler get to finish 😉

  5. dajestanley says:

    Usually I just shampoo my hair all at once (I have a co-wash bar that I’ve used once so far and plan to use again), then use a rinse out conditioner. Then while the hair is wet/damp I apply oil/leave in conditioner before I style.

  6. monicaf monicaf says:

    As of right now I don’t shampoo. Last shampoo I had in my hair was right before I put a protective style on my hair.
    I’m doin a curly girl method so I rarely use shampoo now.
    I put olive oil and water in my hair as part of a leave in conditioning
    I also put jbco in my hair whethern its damp or dry.
    Since I have twists in my hair i gently rub conditioner in my hair when I wash it

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