Back to the Grind Castor Oil Challenge – Week 12 Conclusion

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That’s it ladies – we’re done!  Time to post your length check measurements and final photos so the prize winner can be determined next Tuesday and the winner sent her prize packet.

Be sure to go to to format your picture properly before uploading it to the site. Pictures must be

(1) Properly viewable in a web browser, meaning vertical format.

(2) Adhere to the size guidelines of no larger than 800 pixels in either direction.

(3) Taken today through Sunday to show your true hair progress.

(4) Accompanied by completed measurements which show current hair length:    Front_____   Side_______  Nape_______

Feel free to add any closing comments you have about castor oil, how your hair responded to using castor oil, and/or what you learned about your hair and scalp during this challenge.

Thank you for your participation, and may the best woman win!




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  1. folamix says:

    Front – 8″
    Sides – 7.5″
    Back – 8″

  2. kkmpd_1 says:

    front- 11 in
    sides- 10 in
    back- 12 in :-)

  3. MrsGrizzly says:

    Front – 6 in
    Sides – 5 in
    Nape – 6.5 in

    It has been an awesome time taking this challenge. I couldn’t be happier with my results. Thank you so much Deborrah!!!

  4. dajestanley says:

    front – 8″
    sides- 7″
    back/nape – 5.5″

    I really loved the castor oil challenge – the challenge helped me take better care of my hair. I actually believe my hair has grown some and has gotten thicker. The castor oil gives my hair the extra moisture that it needs, and I really need that on the sections of my hair that have a looser curl pattern.

  5. dajestanley says:

    I accidentally hit submit before adding my photo.

  6. kkmpd_1 says:

    did anyone of you guys win..If so congrats :-)

    • Deborrah says:

      The woman hired to do the talley had a computer virus and wiped her drive clean. I been trying to catch up to her for days and finally did this morning. So now I have to go through the site and re-talley everything myself manually. Doing it right now. Hopefully can announce winner tonight. :)

  7. Deborrah says:

    Okay, that wasn’t hard. People fell off more than I realized from week to week. Even though everyone got credit for weeks 9 and 10 due to site malfunctions, there were only four registrants that met the minimum number of check-ins and uploaded photos as required.

    Final four are:

    Mrs. Grizzly

    KKMPD – you didn’t include registration measurements, so that makes it impossible for us to calculate the difference between where you started and where you finished hair growth.

    Mrs. Grizzly – your measurements for the first were un-stretched and stretched for the second which again makes it impossible for us to accurately calculate hair growth over the 12 week period of the challenge.

    That makes the final two contestants Folamix and DJEStanley.

    And guess what – they tied, with each reflecting a total overall length increase of 5-1/2″! :/

    We’ll have to divide the prize up so you both get a selection of products from Simply Organic Oils along with some other samples we have for you. The $25 gift card will also be split in half, each of you should expect to get $12.50 in your delivery!

    We want everyone to have a little “thank you” for participating and would like to send sample products and a bar of hand made artisan soap to Mrs. Grizzly and KKMPD_1.

    Everyone, please use the Contact Us form and submit your full name and mailing address. Prize packets will go out by the end of the week.

    Thank you ladies for your participation. Everyone’s hair looks GREAT! And I’m so happy that you got such excellent results with castor oil and made the Back to the Grind Castor Oil Challenge a resounding success.

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