Avocado, Banana and Coconut Creme Hair Conditioner

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avocado coconut cream and banana deep conditioner treatment

Though it looks suspiciously like guacamole dip, what you are looking at is my Avocado Banana and Coconut Creme Deep Conditioning Hair Smoothie. I think it is one of the best home-made deep conditioner recipes for dry natural hair that you will ever come across. How can I say that with such confidence? Because through trial and error I arrived at a deep conditioner recipe that gives consistently amazing results, sheen and moisturized softness to dry natural hair.

Wow, I am amazed at the quality of the pictures my cell phone takes!

How Avocado, Banana and Coconut Creme Benefit Natural Hair

The rich creamy texture of the Avocado Banana and Coconut Creme Deep Conditioning Hair Smoothie is loaded with fatty acids that nourish, strengthen and moisturize the hair.  This mixture may be used as a post-shampoo deep conditioner, or as a co-wash every few weeks in place of shampoo. Here are a few important highlights of why the ingredients work so well to condition dry natural hair.

Banana:  Bananas are rich in potassium, natural oils and vitamins that help soften the hair and protect the hair’s natural elasticity. Bananas are reported to create manageability, shine, growth and help control dandruff. The abundance of vitamins found in bananas help repair and protect the hair from sun damage and are vital ingredients for adding volume to the hair. The vitamin E present is very effective for treating dandruff and assist the scalp in retaining moisture helping to prevent split ends and hair breakage.

marshmallow root is rich in muciliage providing great slip to dry hair

Preparing to make marshmallow root tea

Marshmallow Root:  It’s mucilaginous properties (meaning it gives off a mucuous-like liquid) softens the hair naturally and provides lots of “slip” when combing, thereby reducing tangles, knots and breakage.

Coconut Creme: Much thicker than coconut milk, and much higher in fat content, it resembles softly whipped cream when cold. Coconut creme loosens your natural curl by detangling small to large curls making it more manageable. Delivers natural emollients and natural protein that prevent hair breakage and promotes healthy hair growth.  Controls and heals dermatitis, stops hair shedding and breakage, makes dry hair soft and supple, is reported to reduce graying, and is excellent to use to deep condition dry natural hair because of coconut oil’s ability to penetrate the hair shaft.

Avocado: Avocados are one of the nutritious fruits with many fabulous health benefits. This fruit contains many of the essential nutrients like, protein, vitamins A, D, E and K, B vitamins, magnesium, copper, iron, folate, potassium and amino acids. The natural oils in avocado repairs the hair, especially the split ends. This is the reason why avocado oil is used for hair care. The proteins, vitamin B and E in avocado increase the strength and elasticity of hair.

Vatika Oil: A nourishing blend of premium coconut hair oil, enriched with henna, Amla, lemon and five other trusted herbs.  Softens hair and strengthens hair root. You can find it in Indian grocery stores or online.

Honey:  Honey is a natural humectant, which means it attracts moisture to the hair. Honey can be used as a restorative for thinning or falling hair, dry breaking hair, and for adding extra softness and shine to dull hair. Preferably try to find raw honey, manuka honey or at least a good quality honey purchased locally.

All the ingredients in the food processor, preparing for take-off!

Avocado Banana and Coconut Creme Hair Smoothie Recipe

1 overripe banana (make sure skin has dark sugar spots and is soft to the touch)

1 very ripe avocado (soft to the touch)

1 carton coconut creme

2 tablespoons honey

1/4 cup marshmallow root tea

1 tsp Vatika or plain coconut oil

  1. First, make your marshmallow root tea by simmering 1/4 cup of the root in 1.5 cups of water for about 30 minutes. The water should be reduced by about half. Strain into measuring cup.
  2. Place coconut creme in powerful blender or food processor; add honey, avocado and banana.  Blend at low speed for 1 minute to mix well.
  3. Add Vatika oil and marshmallow root tea and blend for 1-2 minutes at medium high to high speeds until all ingredients have a whipped appearance are thoroughly liquified. There should be no pieces of banana or avocado visible in your coconut cream hair conditioner smoothie.

    Every time I look at this stuff I start looking around for tortilla chips.

Using the Avocado Banana and Coconut Creme Hair Conditioner

As a No-Poo Restorative and Moisturizing Cleanser to Condition Dry Natural Hair:  Apply entire contents to hair (unless your hair is very short in which case you will use about half and freeze the other half for another treatment). Make sure you thoroughly coat hair from root to end with coconut cream conditioner. Dab extra on the edges of your hair and in any spots where you’ve experienced breakage, paying particular attention to the ends of your hair. Pile hair high on head and cover with plastic cap.

Slathered into my hair. After I took this picture I noticed I'd missed some spots on the edges, so I had to go back and put more conditioner on the edges

Allow to remain on your hair for at least 60 minutes. Rinse very well with lukewarm water, making sure to fluff hair near scalp to rinse there as well. Your final rinse should be with cool water to close cuticle of hair. Blot dry with towel.

After putting the leave-in conditioner on my hair.

Follow up with leave in conditioner of your choice then style. To be on the safe side, spritz scalp and hair with a bit of water and Tea Tree, Rosemary or Lemongrass essential oil to kill any bacteria that might think about growing on your hair or scalp in case you didn’t rinse thoroughly. Remember, natural food items are used in this recipe, and as such they are subject to bacterial growth.

Braids with twists at the end

As a Pre-Poo Conditioner: Spritz hair with water. Apply contents to hair, thoroughly coating each strand. Leave on for 30-45 minutes then rinse out. Follow with shampoo, leave-in conditioner of your choice, light coating of penetrating hair oil (apricot or almond oil for example), then style.

Note:  I use my Moisturizing Detangling Conditioner that contains flax seed gel in my hair. The oil I used this time was 2 tsps. grapeseed oil and 2 tsps. Argan oil, and I added an extra tablespoon of flax seed gel. I love the shine and softness this combination provides my hair with little to no breakage or tangles and amazing definition.

One braided twist taken down to show the definition. Not quite dry so I put it back in after taking the picture.

Though this combination works extremely well for me and has for several months, feel free to use these recipes as a base, changing oils or quantity of ingredients as suits the needs of your own hair.  Let me know your results!

And here is the finished look (on day 2)

Day 2. Goofy picture but my hair feels great and looks pretty good

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